Too Stinking Cute!

A few weeks ago when we were out shopping with my Aunt and Uncle my Aunt picked out this shirt and hat for Robert.  Just too stinking cute I tell ya!

RC Safari Outfit 1

RC Safari Outfit 2

RC Safari Outfit 3

Today was one of those quiet days… actually it started last night.  Poor Robert kept waking up with night terrors.  Actually, he doesn’t wake up but he just cries uncontrollably.  Generally if I hold him and talk to him he goes back to sleep.  Made for a long night for me so Jim let me sleep in… until 11… that blew a hole out of the day.  Logged on to FB and my friend Amy invited us to go ride the train at the park down the street from our house later in the afternoon.  We drive by the train a lot but have never stopped.  For $.50 you get to ride around the track twice… it’s quite a bargain.  All volunteer run… think a bunch of train crazy grandfathers.  Robert loved it.  We will be going back.

Bye Bye

Waiting To GO

Whee Train!

RC & Mommy Train

Next week Jim is teaching in St. Louis so Robert and I have decided to take off and tag along.  We could all use some time out of town.  Usually Jim doesn’t leave until Sunday but since there is so much family stuff to do I decided we could spring for one night at the hotel and go Saturday morning.  I’m even kenneling the dog on Friday night so we can leave as early Saturday morning as possible.  I’m REALLY ready to go.  They’ve got a fabulous zoo, the arch, Grant’s Farm and a nationally renown children’s museum.  Monday and Tuesday Robert and I will explore on our own while Jim teaches.

Life is busy right now.  Work is busy… crazy busy some days with program expansion and waiting to hear about grants.  Home life seems busy… we’re always doing something… and there is always something that needs to be done.  I’m trying to find balance… balance that doesn’t include me staying up all night finishing something.  I want time to scrapbook… time to order photos to send to family… I’m months behind on that.  There is a lot at the house that needs to happen on top of the daily cleaning.  I swear.. this friggin dog sheds (heavy!) 365 days a year!  Is it considered animal abuse to shave your lab???

Weekends I feel guilty if we don’t go out and do something fun as a family.  Doesn’t matter if it’s something small like the train I just keep looking at Robert (who has the gall to be turning 2 in one month!) and seeing how quickly he’s growing up and don’t want to miss a minute… but then I worry that he doesn’t have enough down time.  I’m driving myself crazy finding things to worry about!

Robert’s birthday party is going to be a farm theme.  My aunt is coming up with all kinds of ideas for the party… she loves him so much… and he snubs her every chance he gets.  But it’s funny, it’s like he KNOWS she really wants him to play with her and he’ll walk past her, smile shyly and go to my uncle.  I swear he’s going to give her a complex.

Tomorrow I’m headed out to Mom’s to go to a baby shower.  Robert and Jim are going to stay home.  I’m sorry Mom and Robert won’t have some time together but it’s just easier for them to stay home since Mom and I will be at the shower the majority of the time I’m there.


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