Is It Saturday Yet???

I really can’t remember the last time I was this ready to get out of town.  Seriously… when tagging along on one of Jim’s business trips is the highlight of my quarter something is wrong!  This will actually be the first time we’ve taken Robert somewhere with the intent of vacation stuff and not just do touristy stuff while visiting family.  There is so much I want to do I think the poor kid is going to be exhausted!  On Saturday we’re hoping to do Grant’s Farm and the St. Louis Arch.  On Sunday we’re doing the zoo and the children’s museum and ending the day with dinner at Jim’s cousin’s house.  I’m hoping Monday Robert decides it would be a good idea to sleep in!

Speaking of sleeping… that boy of mine.  All of a sudden he doesn’t want to sleep anywhere but with me.  And Daddy is NOT welcome.  If I announce I’m going to bed Robert grabs his pillow and blankey, waves good-bye to Jim and is right behind me.  Jim came in to try to squeeze in the bed the other night and Robert said, “STOP!  NO DADDY!  BYE DADDY!”  Eventually we’re going to have to get a better bed time routine.  For now this is working.  His allergies are dealing him a fit and it’s kind of nice having him close.  I put his humidifier up on the night stand so it’s kind of raining down over him and he’s had three nights of very peaceful sleep.

In anticipation of a four hour road trip I bought the Jack’s Big Music Show DVD.  WE LOVE JACK!!!  Robert never had a whole lot of interest in TV, and still doesn’t for the most part.  But one night he was diddling around in our bedroom and I turned the channel to Jack… Robert immediately climbed up on the bed, laid on his tummy with his chin in his hands and didn’t move!  It’s hilarious to watch him act out along with the opening song.  I have to get that video’d one of these days.

A biter has popped up in Robert’s preschool room.  Yesterday we found a small bite on his ribs… today it was a HUGE bite on his back.  Ugh.  I know it’s a rite of passage… but when it’s your kid being bitten every day it sucks.

I’ve got so much to do so we can leave.  We need to do laundry and pack.  I need to go pick up a new car seat for Jim’s car since Robert has outgrown the one that is in there.  The biggest problem I’m having is I have a 36 pound 2 year old… most of the car seats with harnesses go up to 40 pounds and then it’s best positioning booster… for 3 year olds…  It’s a bit frustrating but I think I’ve found one that will serve us well for a bit… or at least is inexpensive enough that if we go through another big growth spurt it won’t kill me that we’re replacing it.  The primary car seat is in my jeep and that one will need to be replaced soon too.  Joy of joys.

Tonight is pizza and Wii night with the kids.  Erika called and is definitely coming… no word on Donald yet.  Must go get ready for that.


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