This weekend was Three Dog Bakeries annual Growl-O-Ween.  Basically, for $10 you can compete in a dog costume contest and then trick or treat stores on the Country Club Plaza with your dog.

Since Robert is a dragon this year, Harley was the fair princess.  They took 2nd place in their division.

Here is Harley in all her princess glory.

Harley Costume 


They had a treat bowl on the registration table and Robert loved sneaking over and getting treats for Harley.

Sneaking Treats

Then he would make her sit before he would give it to her.

Harley Sit

Harley did really good with the trick-or-treating.  She got a bag full of doggie treats and we were all worn out that afternoon.

Trick or Treating

Now I need to decide what we are going to do on Halloween.  Robert felt punky all weekend so Jim stayed home with him today and took him to the doctor.  We got some anti-biotics to try to stay on top of whatever is causing all his snottiness and a cough medicine so hopefully he will sleep better.  I’m not sure if I want to go to any big Halloween things where there are a lot of kids with all the crap that’s going around right now.  We’ll just have to see.  The good news is Robert and Jim got their H1N1 vaccine today.  Hopefully I can get in Saturday morning and get mine.


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