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Big Week Ahead

My aunt and I made plans to go shopping tomorrow and then I got a call to set up an appointment for a phone interview for tomorrow… between 11am and 3pm.  Not a problem, it should only be 15-30 minutes and I think I have enough stuff to keep Robert entertained while I am on the phone.  I’m offering up the coveted markers when the phone rings.  So my aunt and I rescheduled for Thursday… and I got a call tonight for an interview Thursday.  So, instead of shopping my aunt and uncle are going to watch Robert for me.  When I called today to tell her the news/ask a favor I told her we would reschedule for Wednesday and hopefully my other choice job will call and set up an interview for then  🙂  Both the interviews this week are for good jobs… in my top four.  The one Thursday is more money but the one Tuesday is with a national company.  At this point I’m just happy to be getting interviews.  I have friends who aren’t and that was scaring me a bit.  Send some good karma my way if you get a chance. 

I will say it has been nice to have this time with Robert.  He’s changing daily!  His vocabulary is expanding and now includes the word “shopping”  🙂

Here are some random pictures of our time together recently.

Wearing Daddy’s slippers

RC Daddy's Slippers

Trying out Cousin Donald’s first pair of glasses.

RC Glasses

RC Glasses 2

And finally, Robert and Spot repairing the chair.  I was not aware the chair needed repairs.

RC Chair Repair

RC Chair Repair 2

RC Chair Repair 3


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Another Tradition

When my nephew was four I took him on a “date” to Crown Center at Christmas to see Santa and play on the big outdoor toys.  The next weekend I took my niece.  The next year it turned into full blown tradition, me taking both the kids and meeting Aunt Barb (and some years Aunt Sue) for a day of holiday magic.

The weather this weekend has been very un-Kansas City in late November.  Yesterday it was in the 60s!  So we loaded Robert up and headed to Crown Center to play on the big wooden outdoor toys in Toyland.  When we got out of the car in the parking garage Robert looked at me and said, “choo choo!”  I think he really remembers this is where we’ve gone a few times to look at trains.  his mind is a little steel trap.

We ate lunch at Streetcar Named Desire which was a BIG mistake.  We won’t be going back there.  The food is OK but the service is horrible.  The waiter we had really made it feel like it was an inconvenience to take our order.  There were a ton of people at Crown Center yesterday, the crowds retailers and restaurants have been dying to see… and here this asshole acts like it’s really tough to put in an order for two sandwiches and some chicken strips.  Next time we’ll do Crayola Cafe or Fritz’s!

They had a big display of gingerbread houses and trains.  Robert loved it.  He could have stayed there all day watching it.

RC Trains

We went outside to play in Toyland, THAT was fun!

RC & Mommy

RC Toys 1

I love this little face.

RC Toys 2

RC toys 3

RC Toys 4

RC Toys 5

RC Toys 6

On the way back to the car we ran into Frosty & Snoopy, Robert is still not real sure of costume characters but he did manage to high five Frosty.

RC Frosty

RC Snoopy

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Furnaces, Princesses, Horses & Trees

Friday morning Jim woke me up to tell me that the furnace wasn’t working.  Great, just what I wanted to hear.  So we called Moore Home Mechanical (our favorite) and they promised we’d have a service technician in the afternoon.  I fretted all day how much this was going to cost.  The good news is it was only a switch so we didn’t have any expensive parts.  It got fixed and the bill did not give me a coronary.  A wire had come loose and caused an arc.  Thank goodness for safety measures we didn’t have a fire.

We had thought about going to the Mayor’s Christmas Tree lighting but it was after 4 by the time the furnace got fixed so we decided not to battle the crowd that late in the game.  Instead we decided to go to Zona Rosa.  If you are looking for family friendly, inexpensive entertainment in Kansas City, Zona Rosa is  the place to go.  Pictures with the Fairy Princess… free, carriage rides $5 for adults, kids free with adult ticket… beautiful decorations all around and lots of great spots to take pictures.  Not to mention the best kids play area in Kansas City, The Grove.

Robert was not as interested in the Fairy Princess as he was her magic trunk.

FP - 1

FP -2

FP - 3

We had some Build A Bear gift cards so Robert picked out a horse to make.  He LOVES that horse.  He calls it Neigh.

BBW - 1

BBW - 2

BBW - 3

BBW - 4

BBW - 5

BBW - 7

BBW - 7a

Robert had a blast waving and yelling hi & bye to people on the carriage ride.

ZR - RC Carriage

ZR - Horse

Then we got to walk around and see all the decorations.  The tree was beautiful!!!

ZR - Jim and Robert

ZR - RC & Mommy Tree

ZR - RC Looking at Tree

ZR - RC Checking Out Tree

ZR - RC Inspecting Tree

Then we went to The Grove play area so Robert could run off some energy.

ZR - RC The Grove 1

ZR - RC The Grove 2

ZR - RC The Grove 3

It was such a fun night!  I love the holidays.

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Here are my favorite clips from tonight’s adventure.

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Thanksgiving morning I got up early and headed to Big Lots.  I was in line 20 minutes before they opened and of course was the line entertainment.  One woman told me I should do a comedy act… sad thing is I was telling true stories of my life.  They had 5 Little Tyke’s kitchens… and I got one!!!  Yeah!  I was in line to pay and people kept going by congratulating me . 

Out at Mom’s we had way too much good food.  Robert had a great time with Aunt Barb and Uncle Ward.  He seems to really understand that her arm is hurt (she had rotator cuff surgery two weeks ago) and is very gentle with her.  I’m not sure who loves the other more, my Uncle or Robert.  They’re both really fond of each other.

We had a good afternoon of eating way too much and telling stories.  It was a really good day.

rc & ba 2

rc & ba

RC & Unlce Ward 2

RC & Uncle Ward 3

RC & Uncle Ward

RC Crashed

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Counting Our Blessings…

Being home with Robert is a lot different from working… I think it’s actually more work than having an outside job.  There is a silver lining… I’m busy all day chasing after Robert and sending off resumes so I don’t eat a whole lot.  I’m not starving I just don’t think to make something for me when I’m making something for him… I’ve dropped 15 pounds – whoo hooo!  Another bright side is all this time with Robert.  He is so busy!!!  He’s slowly but surely destroying the house and picking up has become sort of like rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic.  But he’s got a whole lot of new words, and is pretty generous with the hugs and kisses… and so much fun to watch and be around.

Robert loves playing little chef.  Tomorrow (Thanksgiving Day) they open at 7am and have this Little Tykes kitchen on sale for $40!  Mom called to say she wanted to get it for him for Christmas but I would have to pick it up (since she’s cooking)

Little Tykes Kitchen

So I will be getting up at 6 tomorrow and dragging myself to Big Lots in hopes of scoring one.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we get it because Robert will just flip his little lid.

In the meantime I got an email from LeapFrog that they were starting their sale today.  Free shipping for orders over $50… I had a reward check from my Visa company in the mail for … $50.  So, for my $50 I got Robert this…

AlphaPet Explorer

Fix the Mix

letter crazy

Text & Learn

Match Up

Yep… FIVE LeapFrog learning toys for $50… what a steal!  He’ll love them.  They are all educational so that’s a bonus.  Robert’s Christmas is done.  That was a major worry for me.  I know he’s too little to know but it matters to me.  We also have a Rocket Ship tent for him.  He’s gonna have a great Christmas.

Sunday night after we served dinner at Ronald McDonald House the temperatures were so mild we decided to stop at the Briarcliff Village lighting.  Afterwards there were going to be fireworks.  Robert loved it.  We had to walk a ways to get to the shopping center and he was on Jim’s shoulders yelling at the top of his little lungs “I’m Coming!!!!”  It was hilarious.  Within five minutes of us getting to the parking lot the lights went on and the fireworks started.

RC & Daddy

RC & Daddy 2

RC & Daddy 3

RC & Mommy

RC & Mommy 2

This afternoon I got an email.  One of my top four work choices wants to do a phone interview next Tuesday.  YEAH!!!  I was really excited.  I’ve been sending out a ton of resumes and haven’t heard anything so it was nice to know I had made at least one cut.  I’m coming up with strategies on keeping Mr. Robert occupied while I’m on the phone since the window for the call is between 11 & 3.  It’s only scheduled to take 15-30 minutes.  I think I’m going to put the good markers and butcher paper in his room with his video… he won’t care what I’m doing then.  Everyone send good thoughts, karma and prayers my way.  I think this is the job that doesn’t start until January but if I knew I had something lined up I’d really be able to enjoy this time off.

Tomorrow we will be out at my Mom’s.  My 39th year to have Thanksgiving with my Mom… it’s quite a streak.  My Aunt Barb and Uncle Ward will be there and I just found out tonight that Aunt Sue and Uncle Ross will be there too.  We haven’t seen them since Robert’s first birthday.  Ross is not real fond of little kids, I think they make him nervous so it’s nice that he’s putting forth the effort.  I’m sure we’ll be stuffed by the end of the day.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!!

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New Holiday Tradition!!!

I’m all about tradition.  We didn’t really have a lot of traditions when I was growing up, yes there were things that just sort of naturally happened each year but it wasn’t always planned per se.  Now don’t get me wrong, I had one of the best childhoods ever.  My parents loved me and I always knew that.  My brother could be the biggest pain in the arse (and he thought the same about me) but when the chips were really down he was always there for me.  With my niece and nephew my Aunt and I started a tradition of going to Crown Center to see Santa every year.  But they grew up… and teens don’t think going to sit on Santa’s lap is a wonderous experience anymore.  This year it will be time to start that tradition with Robert.  But I digress…  Our new tradition is the open house at the Clydesdale Farm.

Some of my Mom’s friends own the Rocky Ridge Clydesdale Farm, who have worked hard to build their farm and are very generous to the community.  Every year they open their barn for a Community Outreach open house.  It’s a chance for the general public to come see their beautiful Clydesdales and for local non-profits to tell about their services and ask for support.  This year Robert was finally big enough, and the weather was warm enough so we decided to go.  He loved running around the barn.  The horses were so pretty!  I hope next summer we can make it to the State Fair to see the hitch.  If you’ve never seen a draft horse show you are missing out.  They are such beautiful animals and when they are all working in a precision it is an awesome site.  (and no, Budweiser commercials just don’t compare to the live show)  Jim would hold him up so that he could pet them and say, “Hi Neigh Neigh!!!”  They also had a miniature donkey, LeRoy who he got to pet, hug and kiss!  (there’s a kiss my ass joke in there somewhere)  He kept calling him a doggie.  Robert got to meet Santa, he was a little shy so I had to sit in the sleigh with him.  I got to see a lot of people I hadn’t seen in a while.  And I always love an excuse to go spend an extended afternoon with my Mom.

Mom left the house before we did as she had to go out and get her area set up.  When Robert realized she wasn’t coming back into the house he pointed at the door and said “Granny???  Granny???”  It was the first time he’d said her name.  He loves her so much (as she does him).

RC & Mommy


RC & Clydesdale

RC & Clydesdale 2

RC & Clydesdale 3

RC & Clydesdale 4

RC & Clydesdale 5

RC & Clydesdale 6

RC & Clydesdale 7

RC & Clydesdale 8

RC & Leroy

RC & Leroy 2

RC & Leroy 3

RC & Granny

RC Meeting Santa

RC Mommy & Santa

Thanks Granny!  It was a great day!

RC Bye Granny

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