Halloween was busy!  Robert’s preschool trick-or-treated around the offices in the neighborhood.  I was able to catch up with them for a bit and it was a lot of fun watching his reaction to people putting stuff in his bag.

RC TOT Day 2


When we got home he was dying to check out his loot.  He was so funny.

RC Loot

RC Loot Face Close

He discovered suckers.. which he had never had before… he really thinks they are super cool.
RC Loot Sucker

This scene was played out more than once.  He would dump everything out, then put it back and dump it out again.

RC Loot Spread Out

On Saturday morning we got up so that I could go get my H1N1 vaccination.  Since we hadn’t been to a pumpkin patch I scouted out one that would be near where we wanted to be in the afternoon.  It was a cute little patch but I think I prefer the one we went to last year.

RC & Mommy

RC & Daddy

Robert had a blast drumming on the pumpkin.

RC Pumpkin

RC Cowboy

RC Vampire

The horse tire swing was a huge hit.  We’ve got to get one of these.

RC Tire Horse

RC Tire Horse 2

After the pumpkin patch we went to the Legends and had lunch at Wild Bill’s.  Robert had a lot of fun playing around in the pen with the mechanical bull.  It’s got a soft, inflatable floor so he could run and fall.  We were there early enough that there were only around six other people in the whole restaurant.



After lunch we changed into costume and trick-or-treated the mall.


RC Tot Bucket



RC & Daddy TOT 2 

RC Dragon Running

Then we headed over to trick-or-treat Uncle Ward.

RC TOT Uncle Ward 3

RC TOT Uncle Ward

Robert was tuckered out on the way home.

RC Tuckered Out


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