There Goes November…

Well November is quickly becoming a blur.  I resigned from my job the first week of November so Robert and I have been home together for the past couple of weeks.  It’s a good change…. it was time.  It’s not an awesome time to be looking for a job but we will make it until I find another one… I’m looking at making a lot of changes.  I have a lot of great friends whom I’ve been networking with and that has been great.  And spending more time with Robert… it’s a blessing… an exhausting blessing but a blessing nonetheless.  He’s two.. he’s into everything.  He’s adorable and sweet and loves to give hugs and kisses.  His latest thing is to kiss me if I tell him no about something or when he wants something.  So, there won’t be as many gifts under the tree but there will be traditions that continue and new traditions forged.  It will all be OK (if I just remember to breathe).

This is Robert playing with the day old coffee that Jim left in the pot… luckily he loves to help clean the floor afterwards.

RC Coffee Cooking

RC Coffee Cooking 2

Last weekend we spent Saturday out at my Mom’s to celebrate birthdays.  Robert loves my Mom so much and it’s kind of funny because they don’t see each other a lot but he really knows who she is and loves her so much.  She is of course absolutely smitten with him.  I’m so glad they had a whole day together.  We are going back out this weekend because there is a really cool Clydesdale farm in town and they are opening their barn for their yearly community benefit type thing.  Mom of course will be there representing the domestic violence shelter she volunteers for so we are going to tag along.  Robert will absolutely love it.

Here are my favorite pics of Robert and my Mom last weekend.

RC Kissing Granny

RC & Granny

Robert found some markers and decided to decorate himself.

RC Marker Face

By the end of the day he was totally tuckered out.

RC Tuckered Out on Granny's Couch

This week we also went over to visit my aunt and uncle.  My aunt had rotator cuff surgery the week before and is healing nicely.  They have a sliding glass door between their breezeway (where we generally gather) and the rest of the house.  When my uncle went to get some markers for Robert, Robert closed the door.  Ward didn’t notice that the door was closed and bounced off of it. Luckily it’s tempered glass so it did not shatter and he kind of had his head ducked down so he didn’t break his glasses.  After we established that he was OK we all had a good laugh.

Monday night we were invited to come to the Ronald McDonald House that we serve dinner at once a month to have dinner with the Chiefs.  Robert wasn’t quite sure about these big guys but he did give baby knuckle bumps.

Chiefs 1

Chiefs 2

Chiefs 3

Chiefs 4

The weather here on the weekends has been cold and rainy.  Our Sundays consist of chili and football and cuddling on the couch.  Here are a few Sunday pictures from our living room.




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