Furnaces, Princesses, Horses & Trees

Friday morning Jim woke me up to tell me that the furnace wasn’t working.  Great, just what I wanted to hear.  So we called Moore Home Mechanical (our favorite) and they promised we’d have a service technician in the afternoon.  I fretted all day how much this was going to cost.  The good news is it was only a switch so we didn’t have any expensive parts.  It got fixed and the bill did not give me a coronary.  A wire had come loose and caused an arc.  Thank goodness for safety measures we didn’t have a fire.

We had thought about going to the Mayor’s Christmas Tree lighting but it was after 4 by the time the furnace got fixed so we decided not to battle the crowd that late in the game.  Instead we decided to go to Zona Rosa.  If you are looking for family friendly, inexpensive entertainment in Kansas City, Zona Rosa is  the place to go.  Pictures with the Fairy Princess… free, carriage rides $5 for adults, kids free with adult ticket… beautiful decorations all around and lots of great spots to take pictures.  Not to mention the best kids play area in Kansas City, The Grove.

Robert was not as interested in the Fairy Princess as he was her magic trunk.

FP - 1

FP -2

FP - 3

We had some Build A Bear gift cards so Robert picked out a horse to make.  He LOVES that horse.  He calls it Neigh.

BBW - 1

BBW - 2

BBW - 3

BBW - 4

BBW - 5

BBW - 7

BBW - 7a

Robert had a blast waving and yelling hi & bye to people on the carriage ride.

ZR - RC Carriage

ZR - Horse

Then we got to walk around and see all the decorations.  The tree was beautiful!!!

ZR - Jim and Robert

ZR - RC & Mommy Tree

ZR - RC Looking at Tree

ZR - RC Checking Out Tree

ZR - RC Inspecting Tree

Then we went to The Grove play area so Robert could run off some energy.

ZR - RC The Grove 1

ZR - RC The Grove 2

ZR - RC The Grove 3

It was such a fun night!  I love the holidays.

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