Thanksgiving morning I got up early and headed to Big Lots.  I was in line 20 minutes before they opened and of course was the line entertainment.  One woman told me I should do a comedy act… sad thing is I was telling true stories of my life.  They had 5 Little Tyke’s kitchens… and I got one!!!  Yeah!  I was in line to pay and people kept going by congratulating me . 

Out at Mom’s we had way too much good food.  Robert had a great time with Aunt Barb and Uncle Ward.  He seems to really understand that her arm is hurt (she had rotator cuff surgery two weeks ago) and is very gentle with her.  I’m not sure who loves the other more, my Uncle or Robert.  They’re both really fond of each other.

We had a good afternoon of eating way too much and telling stories.  It was a really good day.

rc & ba 2

rc & ba

RC & Unlce Ward 2

RC & Uncle Ward 3

RC & Uncle Ward

RC Crashed


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