Another Tradition

When my nephew was four I took him on a “date” to Crown Center at Christmas to see Santa and play on the big outdoor toys.  The next weekend I took my niece.  The next year it turned into full blown tradition, me taking both the kids and meeting Aunt Barb (and some years Aunt Sue) for a day of holiday magic.

The weather this weekend has been very un-Kansas City in late November.  Yesterday it was in the 60s!  So we loaded Robert up and headed to Crown Center to play on the big wooden outdoor toys in Toyland.  When we got out of the car in the parking garage Robert looked at me and said, “choo choo!”  I think he really remembers this is where we’ve gone a few times to look at trains.  his mind is a little steel trap.

We ate lunch at Streetcar Named Desire which was a BIG mistake.  We won’t be going back there.  The food is OK but the service is horrible.  The waiter we had really made it feel like it was an inconvenience to take our order.  There were a ton of people at Crown Center yesterday, the crowds retailers and restaurants have been dying to see… and here this asshole acts like it’s really tough to put in an order for two sandwiches and some chicken strips.  Next time we’ll do Crayola Cafe or Fritz’s!

They had a big display of gingerbread houses and trains.  Robert loved it.  He could have stayed there all day watching it.

RC Trains

We went outside to play in Toyland, THAT was fun!

RC & Mommy

RC Toys 1

I love this little face.

RC Toys 2

RC toys 3

RC Toys 4

RC Toys 5

RC Toys 6

On the way back to the car we ran into Frosty & Snoopy, Robert is still not real sure of costume characters but he did manage to high five Frosty.

RC Frosty

RC Snoopy


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