Big Week Ahead

My aunt and I made plans to go shopping tomorrow and then I got a call to set up an appointment for a phone interview for tomorrow… between 11am and 3pm.  Not a problem, it should only be 15-30 minutes and I think I have enough stuff to keep Robert entertained while I am on the phone.  I’m offering up the coveted markers when the phone rings.  So my aunt and I rescheduled for Thursday… and I got a call tonight for an interview Thursday.  So, instead of shopping my aunt and uncle are going to watch Robert for me.  When I called today to tell her the news/ask a favor I told her we would reschedule for Wednesday and hopefully my other choice job will call and set up an interview for then  🙂  Both the interviews this week are for good jobs… in my top four.  The one Thursday is more money but the one Tuesday is with a national company.  At this point I’m just happy to be getting interviews.  I have friends who aren’t and that was scaring me a bit.  Send some good karma my way if you get a chance. 

I will say it has been nice to have this time with Robert.  He’s changing daily!  His vocabulary is expanding and now includes the word “shopping”  🙂

Here are some random pictures of our time together recently.

Wearing Daddy’s slippers

RC Daddy's Slippers

Trying out Cousin Donald’s first pair of glasses.

RC Glasses

RC Glasses 2

And finally, Robert and Spot repairing the chair.  I was not aware the chair needed repairs.

RC Chair Repair

RC Chair Repair 2

RC Chair Repair 3


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