What A Day

I had a phone interview today… and Robert loves to talk on the phone so I knew I needed a good distraction for him.  I went to the big guns… markers… or cul-lee as Robert calls them.  The minute I grabbed the box off the refrigerator he lost his little mind running around yelling “Cul-lee!!!” at the top of his lungs.  I set him up in his bedroom with his big pad of paper and Jack video.  I told him… “only color on the paper”.  I left the room and when I checked on him the first time this is what I found.

RC Marker 1

RC Marker 2

Isn’t he adorable.  Coloring so nicely on the paper.

When I checked on him again I found this…

RC Marker 3 

In his defense… he is actually on the paper while he is coloring.   Leave it to me to have the world’s most literal two year old.  He was quite proud of himself.

RC  Marker 4

It looked like he was trying out for a part in Wicked… or an Incredible Hulk remix.  Later in the day he added red and blue to the mix.  The good thing is 95% of it came off in the bath, and I aced my interview.  The woman said I’d be getting a call back for the live interviews next week.  All is well that ends well.


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  1. I hope you get this job! When I was laid off for 6 months I thought I was going to have a breakdown. Then, right after, my hubby got his letter that he would be laid off in July. Say wha? So it’s hard but you just have too keep trying. I’m working, but I think they are going to lay me off again this week. Chris has a job interview tomorrow and I really hope he gets it. Stupid economy! Good luck!!! Keep us posted.

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