‘Tis the Season

We go tomorrow morning for our portraits and I can’t wait.  I got the cutest sweater vest for Robert yesterday at Macy’s.  It was on sale for $12!  What a steal.

Between Internet shopping and entertaining Robert I haven’t gotten the cameras downloaded in a few days.  I hope to get to that this afternoon if he takes a nap.  He keeps acting like he is going to and then gets up.  This morning I was up first and in the living room.  He woke up and went to the top of the steps to see where I was.  He yelled to me, “Mama hug?”  I said, “Yes, Mama needs a hug!”  He came running over and gave me the biggest hug… now that’s a great way to start the day.

He is at such a fun age.  Some of his favorite phrases right now are “I’m coming!”, “Hug?” or “HUG!” (it can be a question or a declarative statement.)  “Yes???” usually in response to you calling his name.  “Help!” used often when he lays down on the couch and wants to be covered up.  He is still in love with the vacuum.  I’ve caught him taking the outlet covers off a few times and plugging it in.  He knows he’s not supposed to do that because I came out of the kitchen the other day and he was hurriedly unplugging it and looking at me like, “You didn’t see that”.  Oh yes, and “POOF!” which is said while grabbing his tushy and means it is time for a diaper change.  The first time he did it it took me about five minutes to quit laughing so I could change him.  Oh yes, and “Catch!” which he yells usually when the object he has thrown to you hits you.  We’re working on timing there.

Tomorrow is going to be a busy day.  It starts at the portrait studio at 8:40am… early in the day is better for Robert but wreaks havoc on me!  Then I have a second interview at 2:30.  Afterwards I need to run by my Aunt’s house and pick up her theater ticket for Sunday.  She is not going to be able to make it so she gave her ticket to me… my Mom has the other ticket so that will be a nice outing with my Mom.  Tomorrow night is Santa Paws… Santa for your dog.  It’s hosted by a local shelter that we support and I hope we can make it.  Harley will love it, as will Robert.  A lot depends on how cold it is.  I hate taking Robert out in the bitter cold… we will just have to see.  We got about four inches of show the other night.  I was happy that I had no where I had to go yesterday morning.  I did venture out last night to get my hair cut… I was beginning to resemble an Old English Sheepdog.

Saturday a friend is coming over, she wants to do a photo gift book for her new boyfriend.  I told her I have EVERYTHING you could ever imagine, including a spiral binding machine… come here and we’ll make a day of it.  I’m so excited.  I also am putting together a book for Jim from Robert… “Reasons my Dad is the Best Dad Ever”.

Robert figured out how to open my 100+ year old family heirloom curved front china cabinet yesterday.  He got out the sugar bowl.. needless to say my dining room looked like we had thrown an outrageous cocaine party.  He got out the china sugar bowl and a crystal candlestick.. and managed not to break anything.  I’ve now taken the key out… much to his dismay.

Today I have a couple of jobs to apply for, some cleaning to do and laundry… although a nap is sounding like a much better idea.

So, what Christmas gifts have I purchased so far you ask… well, let me share.

For my dear husband… the avid cook.

A Le Creuset 6 quart stock pot…. available for $40 on Amazon.com… with free two day shipping.

Stock Pot

And a couple of new cook books… he loves cook books and lost a lot of his collection when his mother died… so I’m helping build it back up.


Top Chef

For my Mom… Ms. Hard to Buy For.  She has one of these coffee pots but it’s leaking… and it’s all she wants for Christmas… which she announced before I lost my job.  They’re usually over $100…. they grind the beans and brew the coffee.  I found it on sale at Bed, Bath & Beyond for about 50% off and had a coupon for an extra 20% off… she’s going to be really surprised.

Cuisinart Grind and Brew

For my niece and nephew.  I’ve always been their main source of Christmas.  My Mom always does money for them.  That was their Dad’s go to gift too.  Their Mom is well… she’s just the way she is and I’ll leave it at that.  Granted they are 17 & 18 now and it’s not as big of a deal as when they were little and I was the one who always made sure that Santa did not miss their house.  I warned both of them that Christmas was going to be lean this year and they were both very understanding, “We don’t need anything.” But they do need.  One thing I am doing is making photo books of their Dad for them.  Something they can pull out and look at.  I’m pissed that the last few years of his life he was a real curmudgeon about having his picture taken… that’s all we have now and I wish we had more.  I had an idea to limit them to four gifts this year using the formula:  Something they want, something they need, something to wear and something to read.  As it turns out, that’s exactly what I’m doing for them.

For Donald:

Want — Cash

Need — A new wallet

cowboys wallet

Something to wear — Cowboys t-shirts

Cowboys TShirt

Something to read

Game Changers

Can you tell he’s a Cowboys fan???  It was something he and his Daddy shared.

For Erika

Want – cash

Need — I’m working on this.. I think it will be Bath & Body Works stuff… but that could change

Wear — a Life is Good shirt… she needs that message and loves horses

Life Is Good shirt


Chosen by a Horse

She’s a horse lover.

For all the girls in the family, nieces, Mom, aunts (and a pair for me!) these awesome shea butter slipper socks…only $5 at Bath & Body Works… I even picked up a few pairs for friends.  I’m wearing mine right now!

Slipper Socks

We haven’t really shopped for Jim’s sister and her family yet.  We go there for New Year’s so a lot of times I’ll catch the after Christmas sales.  I have gotten a book for each of the kids (I like to encourage reading).  It’s not easy picking books for four really different kids… Aaron is 17, Sarah is 14, Anna is 11 and Ella is 5.  I think for Debbie (SIL) I’m going to put together a nice basket with relaxing stuff (aromatherapy stuff from BBW and some coffee, a mug, etc.) something to encourage her to take time for her.  I have no clue what to do for Doyle (BIL)… but it will come to me.  I think they might be getting a Wii for Christmas.  If they do we might do a family gift of some Wii games or a balance board or dance mat… something like that.  It is helpful that the girls now text me.  They were snowed in the past couple of days and both of them were texting me.


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