25 Days of Christmas Update

Well it’s December 15th so I thought maybe I’d check in with our list of 25 things to do for Christmas.

1.  Go to the Clydesdale Barn

2.  Take a carriage ride

3.  Visit the Fairy Princess

4.  Visit Santa

5.  Play at Crown Center’s Toyland

6.  Go to see the Plaza Lights

7.  Bake and decorate cookies

8.  Bake holiday treats for presents

9.  Take a family portrait

10.  Send out Christmas cards

11.  Do a Christmas craft

12.  Read ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas

13.  Watch A Charlie Brown Christmas

14.  Decorate the house

15.  Visit Santa Paws (Santa for dogs)

16.  Play in the snow (hopefully there will be some snow)

17.  Shop for Salvation Army Angels

18.  Make a Gingerbread House

19.  Drive around drinking hot chocolate and looking at Christmas lights

20.  Go to Christmas Eve service

21.  Dance to Christmas Music in our pajamas and snuggle by the fire

22.  Watch Rudolph

23.  Put out milk and cookies for Santa

24.  Keep a Holiday Journal

25.  Go to a holiday lighting ceremony


Not too bad.. we’ve completed 15 things… right on track!  Hopefully this Friday we can go see Santa.  Jim is off Friday and perhaps the temperatures will be something higher than 12!!!  I’m sick of cold.  If we’re going to have cold we might as well have snow so it’s pretty.

I had a really good interview this morning.  I’ll find out by Monday if I make it to the next round of interviews.. which won’t happen until after the first of the year.  I also had an unexpected phone interview yesterday… once again they won’t be moving on to round two until after the first of the year.  I know it’s only a few weeks but I’m ready to have something decided!

Hopefully later on tonight I will be able to post some pictures from our December.  I’ve been participating in a December photo a day challenge on Facebook but those pictures are on the downstairs computer… and that part of our little home network is not communicating with the other computers right now…. love technology with personality disorders.

My poor Mr. Cosmo is sick right now.  I got home from my interview and he was on the bed in the guest room.  I think it’s just an upset tummy or fur ball but I’m keeping an eye on him.  He would really like me to curl up with him for a while (and I would like to) but I can’t until Jim gets home.  Robert wants to pet him if I’m holding him and he does not feel up to that right now.


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