Goodbye Cosmo


Well, it wasn’t a fur ball or an upset tummy.  It was a blockage in his bladder.  Today Cosmo was just so lethargic and at noon I noticed he was twitching his tail… that means he was in discomfort.  So I called the vet… they said get him there NOW.  I called Jim to come home and watch Robert and packed Cosmo up.  The vet confirmed there was a block… but he also heard a heart arrhythmia, which meant probable kidney damage.  The could do an expensive procedure to drain him but it was likely there was too much kidney damage for him to live long.  So, I made the heart wrenching decision to let him go.  He was too good of a friend to put through a bunch of procedures so he could just be miserable a few more days and I wouldn’t have to let him go.  I texted Jim.. and then cuddled Cosmo one last time and thanked him for being the best cat ever.  He was so much more than just a cat.  When my brother was killed Cosmo is the one who got me through it.  Every morning he would wake me up and lay on my chest to be petted and just let me talk or cry… he didn’t care as long as I was petting him.  Funny how such a little creature changes our lives so completely.

Jim buried him on the north side of the house under his favorite window and promised to plant flowers this spring… then had to go back to work. 

Robert asked about Cosmo when I got home and seemed satisfied with the explanation he’s not coming back.  He cried for a minute, then asked for me to turn on Jack’s Big Music Show.


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  1. i’m so sorry for your loss. they may be pets, but they are family. it was the right choice, letting him suffer would only cause more pain for all of you! hang in there!

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