Christmas Happenings

I’m sure there will be more than one post about Christmas… I have so much to share but since it’s been so long since I posted everything will be kinda jumbled together.  I’ll try to make it make a little sense.

We baked a lot of cookies this year.  Cousin Erika came and helped us one day.  Robert absolutely adores his cousin… and she adores him too… she is so good with him!

RC & Erika Baking 2

RC & Erika Baking

RC Cookie Decorating

We also went to Skate with Santa with Erika.  Turns out none of us are really good ice skaters…. but we had fun anyway.  I was just happy that I made it off the ice with no falls and no injuries!

RC Skates

RC Skating 2

RC Skating

Robert thought his new snow boots were really cool.

RC Boots

RC Boots 2

Robert thought that dressing himself up was more fun than dressing up Mr. Potato Head.

RC Potato Head Beard

RC Potato Head Hat

RC Potato Head

Robert’s three favorite stuffed friends… Neigh the Horse, Izzy the Lizard and Spot the Leopard.  He packs them all over the house and prefers to have all three of them with him when he sleeps or naps.

RC Three Pals

We visited Santa.

Santa 2009

Robert enjoyed the shipping boxes.

RC Box Ship

Apparently the Christmas Train caboose needed repairs so Robert was transporting it in the Tonka truck.Train Repair

Robert tried to convince me he was not the one eating the Christmas chocolates.

RC Chocolatese

I wasn’t convinced.

RC Chocolates 2 

We went to see the Plaza lights.

RC Plaza

Robert spent a lot of time schmoozing.

RC Schmoozing 

He did a lot of coloring…. on the paper!

RC Coloring

We decorated the Christmas tree.

Tree Trimming 1    

Tree Trimming 4

Tree Trimming 2

Tree Trimming 5

Tree Trimming 3


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