So Tired of Cold

It’s just stupid cold outside.  It’s so cold all the schools are closed due to the temperature… not the snow.  And there is no end in sight.  The ONE day I have to go out this week (to a really good interview… send positive karma please) is Thursday… and it’s going to be 4 degrees!  Four is not a real jean size or temperature.

Today we didn’t get out of our jammies.  Robert took a late nap yesterday which kept him up half the night.  I was up the other half of the night trying to wind down… nothing like going to sleep at 5am!

Apparently Robert thought it was cold in the living room… he covered Harry Horse.

Harry Horse Covered

My aunt and uncle gave Jim this great fuzzy blanket for Christmas.  Robert thinks it is his.  It is nice and snuggly.

Robert Daddy's Blanket

There was a lot of lounging in general going on.

RC Couch

RC Couch 2

He is so funny… he’s getting more and more words every day.  He’s not afraid to tell me what he wants.  One thing about Robert, he doesn’t realize he’s little.  When he’s the littlest kid in the mix or when he’s around a huge horse for example… his total attitude is one of “yeah, I’m as big as you”.  Larger than life… that’s my boy.  I hope he’s always as confident and happy as he is now.

Tonight he wanted movies in his rocket ship.  The rocket was the best $20 I’ve spent!  He helped me get it set up.  Then when I got out of the tent he hung out the window yelling “thanks”, “I be back” and “bye bye”.  Apparently he was off to the moon.

RC & Mommy in Rocket

RC Rocket Window

RC ROcket Window 2

About 8:00 he crawled up in my lap and fell asleep.  Hopefully I will get a full night’s sleep myself.


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