Ten on Tuesday

I saw this idea for Ten on Tuesday the other day when I was surfing new (to me) blogs and thought it was kind of a cool idea and since I totally sucked at Project 365 maybe I could handle this… after all it’s 1/7th of the commitment.  Anyway, it just dawned on me that today is Tuesday… well technically we’re into Wednesday but I have a rule that the day cannot change until I’ve been to sleep… and since I haven’t slept yet… here we go…

1.  I’m really pissed that I can’t sleep tonight.  It’s the first night in forever that Robert has gone to sleep before midnight (most nights it’s been more like 2:30 or 3:00).  I think I’ve hit that point where I’m just too tired to sleep.

2.  I have an interview this week that I’m excited about and I really think I’m ready to go back to work.  Financially it’s really not a concern… I’ve enjoyed my time off and especially all the time at the holidays with Robert but my mind needs to be active… my soul needs to be doing something that makes a difference… I am ready.

3.  I’m super worried about a good friend of mine.  I got an email this morning that she is in the hospital with a pulmonary embolism.  Of course, she ignored the warning signs until it was almost too late.  Isn’t that just how women are, we take everyone else’s aches and pains seriously and give advice/encourage people to go to the doctor… but when it’s us, we think it’s nothing, it will pass.

4.  My nephew got a hold of me this weekend to tell me that this coming Saturday he is getting his 90 day recognition in AA.  He’s only 18.  His dad was 13 when he started drinking… and that led to a lifetime of poor decisions, a lot of hurt feelings and ultimately an early grave.  I knew he was going to some sort of meetings but he’s been pretty guarded about any details when we’ve talked… and I haven’t pushed.  The other night in an online chat he opened up a bit more.  We used to be so close.  I’m so proud of my nephew for recognizing that he had a problem and taking steps to do something about it before it was court ordered or worse.  He invited me to go to the ceremony… don’t ask me to be anywhere Saturday at 8pm… there’s nothing more important (even though it means I will probably have to see my ex-sister in law who is now using our surname – my brother was her first husband, she’s been divorced three times now…. and even four years later is still playing the grieving widow – GAG).

5.  Facebook is incredibly cool.  I’ve been reconnecting with a lot of people from my past and sharing more with people who I’ve never met in real life but it’s fun getting to know them in this new media.

6.  I’m tired of cold weather.  I’m beginning to feel like a prisoner in the house because it’s just too darn cold to bundle up and go anywhere.  I especially don’t want to take Robert out.  However, we may have to escape this weekend and go to the bouncy place or somewhere to let him run off some energy.  He’s got to have cabin fever too.

7.  I got really used to Jim being home on his vacation and it’s been hard having him go back to work this week.  Robert was looking for him today and looked under a blanket on the couch (there are approximately four blankets on my couch… see #6) and said “Dada??? Dada???”

8.  Robert is using more and more words every day.  His newest words are “wait” and “you’re welcome”.  My favorite phrase of his is “I’m coming!” partly just because of how his voice sounds.  I keep trying to get it on video.

9.  I’ve read three books in the past two months.  There was a time when that would have been 2-3 weeks.  I’m trying to read more in 2010 and am enjoying being able to discuss some of what I’ve read and get suggestions from friends online.

10.  New computers rock.

PHEW… ten done.  One down, fifty one to go. 


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