OK… it’s just too damned cold… minus 8 forecasted tonight.. MINUS!  This is ridiculous!  I can’t even think about going out in this.  Tonight the teenager across the street came over and offered to scoop our driveway for $10-15… he did such a good job we gave him $20.  He was a really nice, polite kid.  I hope he rings our doorbell more often.

My interview for today got changed to next Friday.  Which actually works out better for me.  My Chinese horoscope predicted a positive career change between January 14 and the 21st… hmmm… we will see.

We have got to get Robert back on a schedule!  He is all over the place on his sleep pattern… most nights it winds up he wakes up around midnight and is up until 2 or 3… with me… lucky me.  And since he is not in a crib he is free to move around the house… which he does.  It’s most frustrating.  Most nights I just wind up on the couch protecting the property.  He seems to only want to sleep for 6 hours at a time tops.  He is just too darn much like me.

I’ve gotten a few layouts done the past couple of days.  I don’t have the credits listed out just yet.. maybe tomorrow I can get those together.  It doesn’t help that every time I get a pen out Robert swipes it so it makes note taking rather sticky.

Rocky Ridge Left

Rocky Ridge Right

Jen Caputo - Digital Sketch 

Fairy Princess 2009


Trimming the Tree

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