Christmas Wrap Up Part 1

OK… so Christmas was a bit screwed up this year.  The weather here in the Midwest was messy to say the least.  Generally on Christmas Eve you would find me at my mom’s house… actually, every year except for this year.  The forecast was for sleet and snow to start about 3pm and get progressively worse throughout the night, with dropping temperatures.  I called Mom in the morning and she said “Don’t come!”  We had been discussing the possibility for days but part of me didn’t want to admit it was true.  Two weeks later I still get a bit teary.  I cried… Jim panicked… when will that man learn, sometimes I cry, it’s not the end of the world, I’ll be fine.  Mom said to go ahead and give Robert her present since it was here.  So, I had Jim take Robert into his bedroom for a diaper change while I got the present ready.  Then I called to Robert and told him there was a present from Granny.

RC Coming Downstairs

RC Morning Kitchen 5

RC Morning Kitchen 1 

RC Morning Kitchen 2 

RC Morning Kitchen 3

RC Morning Kitchen 4 

To say the least he was thrilled.  I knew he would love it and he did.  We’ve been dining on specially prepared plastic food daily ever since.

Jim ran to QT real quick to pick up milk since we were running low and didn’t know how bad things were going to get.  He picked up a Slurpee for Robert who was delighted.

RC Slurpee

Since we were stuck at home I decided to whip up some more Christmas cookies for Robert to decorate.  We donned our new aprons.


Cookie Taster

He decorated quite a few cookies and one special one for Santa… which Harley ate (of course!)

RC Cookie Decorating 2

RC Cookie Decorating 

RC Cookie Decorating 5

And of course some official cookie tasting!
RC Cookie Tasting e put out our cookie and Dr. Pepper for Santa (our Santa is lactose intolerant).

Cookies for Santa

And we waited for Robert to go to sleep….


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