Christmas Wrap Up Part 2

Well… turns out Robert had taken a late nap so at midnight he was still going strong.  Since we were all up we decided to go ahead and open presents.  Luckily for us while Robert was having his diaper changed, Santa showed up!

RC Coming Downstairs

RC Carrying Presents 2

RC Opening Presents 2

RC Carrying Presents

RC Opening Presents 3 

RC Opening Presents 4

RC Opening Presents 5

RC Opening Presents 6

RC Opening Presents

RC Opening Stocking 2

RC Opening Stocking

RC & Daddy

One of Robert’s presents was a rocket ship tent… he slept in it that night.

RC Asleep in Tent

Later on in the day my niece came by to exchange gifts.

RC Kissing Erika

He also had a good time playing with Jim.  I love how happy he is.

RC Playing With Daddy 2

RC Playing With Daddy

And he had more time to play in his rocket ship.

RC in Rocket Ship

RC Rocket Ship

So, Christmas day was over and it was great but it still didn’t feel like Christmas because I still hadn’t seen my Mom.


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