What A Day

Well, I went to my nephew’s meeting tonight and I’m so proud of him for realizing that he had a problem and choosing to become sober.  He told his story tonight and I was shocked how far his life had spiraled out of control.  I knew something was up when he quit coming around but chalked it up to being 18.  I used to know EVERYTHING about him.  We were so close.  I know now why he wanted me to go tonight… he even texted me when he left the house to make sure I knew he was going.  He needed me to hear it all… so that we can start over.  I liked the people I met.  He seems to really have meshed with the group.  I hope he continues to make good choices.  But tonight also started a fresh page for us.  Hopefully he will realize that there is no way I will love him any less, I’ll always be in his corner and I’m always here when he needs me.  I told him how proud I am of him when I got there and he gave me a big hug, a real hug, one where he shook a bit, and I did too. 

In other news, it was a pretty quiet day here.  Got the living room picked up for the umpteeth million time.  Hurricane Robert is quick and destructive.  We’re working on picking up our toys before we get something else out.

Jim did a lot of cooking today.  He made chili and chicken & dumplings and a chocolate cake.  Robert LOVED the cake.  He was not happy when he was denied a second piece.  Later on he had gone into the kitchen and it was a little too quiet so I popped in to see what was going on…. when I rounded the corner the cake pan lid was off and he said “More cake Mama???”  This is what he looked like… not exactly a look of remorse.

RC Cake 2 

RC Cake


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