Out of the House

The temperature warmed up into the 20s today… HEAT WAVE.  So we took the opportunity to get OUT OF THE HOUSE!!!  Robert hadn’t left the house all week so I’m sure he was ready for a change of scenery… I know I was.  We headed down to Crown Center to have lunch at Fritz’s.  At Fritz’s you order your food on a phone at your table and then it is delivered by trains that run on tracks above the tables.  Robert LOVES it.

RC Ordering Food

He gets so excited watching the trains go around.  And it’s so loud in there he can cheer “Choo! Choo!” as much as he wants and no one notices.

RC Waiting for Food

He was one happy little engineer after lunch.

RC Happy Engineer

After lunch we walked over to Union Station to look at the train exhibit.  Then we did a little shopping.  At the Hallmark store he found the stuffed animals and quickly scooped up a horse, a cat and a chicken.  He was disappointed (to put it mildly) when he was told no.  Then we went to the bookstore that was going out of business and they had Webkinz 60% off.  He found a chicken, a horse and a duck.  I told him to pick ONE.  He put back the duck and looked at me and said, “Two?”  “Nope, only one, make a good decision, do you want the horse or the chicken?”  With that he put the horse back and was happy as a clam that he was getting a chicken.  I thought he made really good decisions (even though he did try to bargain).


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