Ten on Tuesday


1.  I’ve gotten really anal Type A about Robert’s pajamas.  Seems like every night he is in mis-matched pajamas.  I know I buy PAIRS of pajamas.  Tonight all of his laundry was clean and Jim asked me to bring him the pajamas he had laid out on the couch… they were mis-matched!!!  I told him all the laundry was done, surely the child has a matching pair… he said they were matched, they were both football.  The top was green and navy blue and the bottoms were brown and red.  I made a match for him and then matched the remaining ones in his drawer… we’ll see if that helps.

2.  I have two second interviews today.  The first one was today and went really well… I have another one Friday with my first choice… hopefully in a few weeks I’ll be back at work.  I love the time I have with Robert but I need to be working… not because of the money but because I need to for me!

3.  I introduced Robert to Blues Clues and Lion King this week.  Both are big hits.  It’s hilarious to watch him watch Blues Clues.  He pretends his hand is his notebook.

4.  I have to go to traffic court tomorrow to get my failure to maintain insurance ticket out.  When I got pulled over I had the wrong card in the Jeep.  Hopefully it will be in and out… hate having to go downtown… I hope I can find close parking.

5.  My Aunt and Uncle watched Robert today while I was at my interview and are watching him tomorrow while I’m in court.  Their house is right down the road from Jim’s office which makes it super convenient for days like tomorrow… he can just drop him off and then go to the office.  They really enjoy having him and he had a blast today… he slept for three hours when we got home.

6.  To get Robert to leave my Aunt and Uncle’s today I had to tell him we were going shopping (we needed to stop by the SuperTarget and pick up some groceries).  He was reluctant to leave until I said “shopping” then he couldn’t get his stuff packed quick enough.

7.  Robert’s new stuffed chicken that he was so delighted with Sunday is now being shunned.  I’m not sure what it did to offend him but he wants nothing to do with it.

8.  I’m back in touch with a woman I met a few years ago thanks to Facebook.  She’s an avid reader and has started a blog about what she’s reading.  It’s made me want to start reading more often.  I have approximately 5 new books just waiting to be read… oh yeah, and two that one of my book clubs sent that I thought I had declined.  I would like to get back to reading a book every week (or two).

9.  I’ve been been buying way too many digital scrapping kits and templates this week and need to get them organized so that I can start putting them to good use.

10.  I’m seriously addicted to Life Is Good shirts and buying them on eBay… someone needs to stop me.  I have a new one on the way now  🙂


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