Oh Lord, He Is My Son

Today I had my court appearance to show proof of insurance on that ticket I got a few months ago.  It was pretty painless, show up, show insurance card, all charges dropped, go home. 

For Robert it meant he had to get up early and leave with Jim this morning to be dropped off at my aunt and uncle’s.  He has such a good time over there.  Once again today he didn’t want to leave and the only way I got him to leave was to tell him we were all going to the train restaurant.  We went and had a nice lunch, dropped them off at their house and then headed home.  When we got home Robert was crashed out and I was hoping he’d nap for a while… this didn’t last, he was up in 20 minutes.

13 - 1

Later on in the afternoon he needed a diaper change.  After I changed his diaper he flat out refused to let me put pants back on him.  I tried EVERYTHING… loud voice, soft voice, trying to hold him still… I was so frustrated.  Finally I told him fine, no pants, no Blues Clues.  I came out to the living room and turned off the DVD player.  He thought he was hot stuff and he picked up the TV remote thinking he could figure out how to turn the DVD back on… all he managed to do was turn off the TV.  He protested for a few minutes and then pulled his rocking chair in front of the TV and sat there staring at the blank screen.  He would only look at me to give me this little smirky grin.




Eventually he played in his rocket, colored and even talked to Granny on the phone (probably complaining how unreasonable I was being)… all sans pants.


Eventually he came to me and asked for some fruit snacks.  I told him no fruit snacks until he put on his pants.  Magically he wanted pants on… and was rewarded with fruit snacks.


I have no idea why he didn’t want to put on pants but I do know once he digs his heels in on something he sticks to it.  He’s as hard headed as I am and I hope he outgrows it! 


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