I’m Pissed

It takes a bit to make me this worked up but I am so pissed.  I saw in the morning news that Pat Roberts has some (supposedly widely accepted belief among historians) that Haiti made a pact with the devil years ago and that is why they are “cursed”.  I’m not overly religious.  I have my beliefs, I’m comfortable with them.  They are actually a bit convoluted at times and they are evolving.  I have friends who do not share my beliefs and enjoy discussing our similarities and differences and respect their right to believe as they choose as they do the same for me.

I can’t get behind the idea of a vengeful God who lets (or even worse, causes) horrific things to happen to people.  I don’t know why hurricanes or tsunamis or earthquakes happen but I really doubt that God, as I know God, is sitting somewhere going, “I’m bored, let’s fuck with Haiti today”.  On the same token, I don’t believe in a devil that is able to create a hurricane on the same principles.  Actually I have a hard time with the devil concept in general.  I mean how many times have you survived a car accident and said, “Thank God” but never said, “Gee, darn that old devil for causing me to have a wreck.”  Or survived something medical and thanked God but never blamed the devil for causing it.  And on the whole concept of trading your soul to the devil for something you want… seriously there are days I think I would do that if I could eat what I want and be a size four living in a McMansion somewhere.  And if I could give my soul to the devil for that, wouldn’t God offer something better?  Size 4, McMansion and a sports car behind door three.

So, back to Pat Robertson and why I am truly a bad person.  I honestly wish that he would spontaneously combust on-air and as the dust is rising from his ashes the Angel Gabrielle would appear with a message, “this smote-ing is brought to you by the letters G-O-D!”  If I can’t get that wish, because I realize it’s a pretty big one, perhaps Roberts could have a massive stroke that leaves him without the power of speech.  He could be present and alive but unable to utter his words of hatred.  That I would like.  I know, I’m a horrible person… but I am completely serious.  I would take out an ad in the KC Star publicly declaring that Robert’s stroke was a direct reflection of God’s disdain with the hate he spouts.

In the meantime, I will struggle with my own thoughts on a higher power and settle where I feel the most comfortable.  I will try to be the best person I can day in and day out… some days I’ll do good and other days I will fall short but I believe that God, Allah, Yahweh, Buddha and Karma will all be pretty understanding.  And, I’ll send some money to Haiti… in hopes that the survivors get the message that they are not cursed, but loved.

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