10 on Tuesday


OK…  time for 10 on Tuesday again.  And boy am I having a Tuesday. 

1.  Jim’s father died in March 2007 and his mother died in January 2008.  His brother managed to get his mother to sign EVERYTHING over to him before her death and the whole dying/funeral was a Springer session in the making.  Of course, two years later I thought we were through with all those people.  Fast forward to today… when we received a summons for Jim to appear in court on a past due water bill!  $897 worth the water bill from March 2008 – May 2009 (took them long enough to cut the water off!) at Jim’s parent’s house… which if you are following along… we got no part of in the estate… since we got NONE of the estate.  The bill even has Jim’s brother’s address in another city on it.  I realized this is not our bill and sent the processor on her merry way (with a brief lesson in the family history).  Then I got curious and brought the case up online and since they have OUR address associated with it decided I needed to call the city attorney and give them a head’s up, they’ve got the wrong Jim.  They’re looking for Sr. who is dead.  Well, according to them we need to go to court and prove that the bill is for a property that we did not own or occupy, that Jim, Sr. is in fact dead and Jim, Jr. is not legally responsible.  I got ahold of Jim’s sister and she is forwarding us a copy of the will (in the Springer moments around the will we were never given a copy, and I don’t think his brother ever filed it in court since all major property was transferred through a quit claim deed in April 2007).  We’re working on getting the death certificates and have copies of the property deed’s courteous of the county online.  I’m hoping that this will be enough to prove that we don’t owe this and we don’t need a lawyer.  I think the plan right now is to show up in court Feb. 16th and if it looks like things are going south, ask for a continuance.  So… life lesson, if you’re going to have an EXTREMELY dysfunctional family and screw two of your three kids in the will… don’t name one of them Jr.!!!

2.  Really… shouldn’t #1 count for like three or four???

3.  We had our mainline drain scoped out with a camera this week (free with the auguring we had to have) and now know that our pipe is in fairly good condition and we can move thinking of replacing it on the back burner for three to five years.  Yeah!!!

4.  I’m waiting to hear about last weeks interviews.  I’m so nervous I can barely function.  I haven’t heard from any of my references that they’ve been contacted but it’s only Tuesday and yesterday was a holiday and offices are always wild after a three day weekend.  Hopefully I have some good news this week.

5.  I’m working hard on my Winkflash book.  I’ve got over 22 pages done in two days and need to keep up that pace of 10 pages a day so that I can have the maximum number of pages by the time I have to submit on the 27th.  I’m doing an 8X8” book so I’m having to do a lot of resizing on stuff but finally figured it all out.

6.  Jim is out of town tomorrow night so I think Robert and I are going to go have a dinner play date with some friends.  Will help the time go by faster… I hope the fog lifts long enough for Jim to take off and land again… it’s felt a lot like London in Kansas City the past few weeks.

7.  I have books to read stacking up but have not been finding a lot of time to read… I need to remedy that!

8.  Robert is really taking off with his colors and shapes thanks to the Blues Clues video he is watching ad nauseum.  We finally set up the Mac on the hearth so he can sit in his rocker and watch and we could re-claim the living room TV.

9.  We seriously need to schedule some time with my Mom soon.  She mentioned last week maybe meeting for lunch and Costco on Friday… I need to make sure that happens.  Robert has been watching me scrap and every time he sees a picture of her he yells out “Granny!!!”  He also REALLY likes talking to her on the phone.  She can recognize when he says “Granny” on the phone but everything else is pretty unintelligible.

10.  I think we are about ready to start potty training and for some reason I’m reluctant.  It’s not that I enjoy changing diapers… I think it’s just that he will officially be a big boy then. 


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