Two Is Better Than One

I finally decided that it’s time to have a cat in the house again.  At first I thought we would wait longer but then I visited some friends who have two kittens and I held them… and that sealed the deal… we need a cat again!  So today we stopped on our way home from lunch at Animals In Need Thrift Store to see the cats… just see them.  Well, they had this pair of brothers who are 7-8 months old and were found a few days ago abandoned in an apartment.  They are in good health, have had their shots, are neutered and micro-chipped.  They’re a bit underweight but otherwise in seemingly good health.  Robert loved them and they were very mellow as he was sticking his head in their cage and in general wallering them.  As I was mulling it over the adoption woman came over and said it would be $40 for both of them… instead of $50 each.  They REALLY wanted us to take them. (as my aunt said, they saw you coming!)  So, we did.  Meet Mel & Jack.   They are still getting used to things here and are a bit on the shy side.  They really like laying in the cat tower together but will let you hold them.  They tolerate Robert.  We haven’t introduced them to Harley yet… going to let them get their bearings.  We don’t know how long they were alone for or if they’ve been around children or dogs.  But they have a home now and I’m sure in a few days they’ll be right in the middle of all the melee that is our life.  Robert is beside himself!

Robert & Mel

Robert with Mel.

Robert & Jack

Robert with Jack.

Mel & Jack

Mel is on the left and Jack is on the right.


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