Good Grief!


We’ve lost one of the kittens… in the house.  I kid you not.  When I went to bed last night they were both in the living room… relaxing, doing just fine.  Got up this morning and we could only find Jack.  Mel was nowhere to be found.  We’ve turned the house upside down and still no sign of the little booger.  I guess he will come out of hiding when he gets hungry but it’s still weird.

Harley met Jack today and was excited.  Jack was NOT impressed.  He arched his poor little back as high as he could, hissed an awfully ferocious hiss and his tail puffed out four times the normal size.  Harley did pretty good and only barked after he swiped at her.  We are going to have to ease them into this so it’s a lot of shuffling animals between rooms right now.  Luckily Jack really doesn’t mind being alone in a bedroom for long stretches.

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