Ten On Tuesday


1.  Older rescued kittens are more work than a newly weaned kitten.  We did finally find Mel, he had found the cat room in the basement and was happy there so I moved Jack down there too.  I’ve blocked the cat door for now to give them a space of their own.  For the most part they hide when I got down to visit but I can usually catch one of them and hold him until he purrs.  I hope they realize soon that they are safe and nothing bad is going to happen to them here.

2.  The show “Teen Mom” on MTV is pissing me off… what are these girls thinking!  I just want to smack that Farrah girl when she whines about how well she takes care of her daughter and then in the next breath tells her parents she can stay out as late as she wants… grrr!!!  That’s a baby you have… not a hamster!

3.  More interviews this week.  A couple of job applications that I’m really excited that something may come out of them… because they are things I think I’d really like and excel at.  Another company that I applied for a job with has yet another job posted and this time are using a recruiter… third time’s a charm???  Maybe they’ll get the message, I really want to work for you.  Crafting the perfect cover letter right now.

4.  I’m loving getting to spend more time with my Mom.  Tomorrow Robert and I are heading out there for the day after Jim leaves for the office.  No plans, just going to hang out and let her enjoy her time with Robert.

5.  96 pages completed on my Winkflash book and they extended the sale for a week.  I know what two of the remaining four pages are going to be and then I’ll look back through the layouts and decide on the other two.  I thought since they extended the sale I might go ahead and try to get 2009 done too but then decided against that.  I will start on the layouts knowing the sale will come around again.

6.  Looking at Jim’s travel schedule and wanting to cry!  He’s gone two weeks in February… one of them is a Sunday through Saturday.  So far it’s only one week in March but THREE weeks in April… Good Lord I hope I’m back to work by then.  But trips mean extra money and more income is always welcome.

7.  Is there anything more fun on this Earth than a two year old boy???  Seriously he’s an explosion of language and skills right now.  He is busy from the minute he gets up until he crashes.  I’ve found if he hasn’t napped by 2pm don’t let him because he’ll be up all night.  We’re getting a bit better about him getting to sleep at a decent time… but basically it means the whole house shuts down for thirty minutes while he’s going to sleep or he is up checking things out.  Sunday he slept through the second football game… BAD IDEA!!!  Guess who got to stay up until 3am.  We’re not doing that again… makes for a grumpy Mommy the next day.

8.  I love what a good Daddy Jim is.  His father was no role model and he’s really embraced truly having a relationship with Robert.  I love watching them together.  Jim is in charge of bath time most nights… which is when I take an opportunity to clean the living room, vacuum, etc.  Some nights I have to stop and just listen to how much fun they are having.

9.  I was wondering why it was so cold in here and then I remembered that Jim set the smoke detector off while making dinner tonight.  What’s really embarrassing for him is our smoke detector is hard wired into the alarm system so of course the alarm company called and the woman asked him if he was cooking dinner… I guess she said it sort of like it was because he’s a man.  Jim does all the cooking here… he just had two pans of stuff going and it smoke up pretty quick… and he never turns on the exhaust fan.

10.  My niece was supposed to spend the day with us Saturday.  The plan was her mother would drop her off here at 11am.  Of course I got a text from her at 9:30am that Mommy went in to work and she didn’t have a ride over here.  So we went and picked her up.  We dropped Jim off at the cigar store because they were having a big event and then went and met my Mom and Sherry for lunch (a surprise to my niece who showed up wearing pajama pants).  It was a nice time.  She was supposed to be over here until 10 pm but her Mom called and had invited people over for dinner so she was picking her up at 5:30pm.  I’m glad we had only really planned to hang out and hadn’t made big plans since you can never really plan anything.


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