Granny Time!

RC & Granny 1

RC & Granny 2

Today first thing in the morning we headed out to spend some time with my Mom.  Robert is head over heels in love with his Granny.  She can tell him “no” about something and even though he’s not happy about it, he doesn’t cross her…. smart kid  🙂

I didn’t take any toys or videos with us.  Mom gave him crayons and paper when we got there and he spent his day diddling around the house either coloring or playing in my nephews room with his stuffed animals and balls.  Mom and Robert both had such a good time together.  I actually took about an hour and a half nap on the couch… it’s a comfort thing napping on my parent’s couch.

At 4:30 I told Robert we needed to think about heading home…. he did not want to leave.  Even when I told him Daddy would be waiting for us.  When my Mom put his coat on him he seemed resigned to the fact we were leaving… when we got in the Jeep I figured out why… he thought she was coming with us!  Poor little guy.  So, we’ll have to go back out again one day, maybe next week.

As we were leaving it dawned on me I hadn’t taken any pictures of the two of them again, so I snapped these two real quick.  I love how she looks at him… he is so special to her.


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