Insomnia Sucks


Ain’t insomnia grand.  I cannot seem to sleep lately.  I go through phases like this and it’s frustrating.  It’s not that I’m not tired… I just lay down and have so many things I’m thinking about… and it’s not just one thing it’s a million little things… and none of them important.  Eventually it winds up with me lying in bed going “I have to get to sleep”.  Over the counter medications don’t work… I wind up lying awake just as long and am even more fuzzy the next day.  Last night I was up until after 3am.. I was not a happy camper when the alarm went off at 7:00am.  But, I was determined that we were going to go to church this morning… it’s only been two years.  And before I went to bed I put a comment on the minister’s Facebook page indicating we would be there in the morning (makes it harder to back out).

But the alarm did go off, and I did drag myself out of bed, and we did make it to church.  The 8:30am service is in the small chapel.  It’s a short service, only one hour, and it’s mostly older people.  I was a little nervous about how Robert would do.  There were FOUR ink pens in the pew backs and lots and lots of paper so he was thrilled.  He ate a breakfast bar during the sermon.  For the most part he was quiet but he did say, fairly audibly, “yes, yes” during the pastoral prayer.  All in all it was a successful outing.  Jim is Agnostic at last check…. which considering he was Atheist when we met, it’s an improvement.  But he doesn’t mind when I drag us to church, he just wants Robert to be exposed to all religions as he grows, which is fine with me.  The church was having a game night tonight so we decided to go to that too.  Robert was soooo good.  His new thing is to shake hands… he thinks he is sooooo important when he shakes hands.  We got stuck playing Trivial Pursuit with two REALLY obnoxious people.  I was so happy when the sister won so that we could move on.  Then I played Upwords… LOVED IT!  I even won against some pretty tough characters.  I wanted to play a second round because the pastor pulled up a chair and it would have been cool to see how I fared against a man who is actually very eloquent with words but it was 8:30pm and Jim said we needed to go.  We agreed we would go back for game night… but would not play Trivial Pursuit with obnoxious people.

This week’s plans, barring any job interviews that come up are to clean out my closet… it’s ridiculous the amount of clothes in there that I don’t wear.  So, I’m taking this opportunity to start purging.  Old t-shirts will become dust rags, old good clothes will be bagged up and taken to a Planet Aid box when Jim gets home.  Wednesday we’re going to go hang out with my Aunt for a while.  My Uncle will be working on election training stuff for the April elections so she can have some one on one time with Mr. Robert.  I think we’ll also try to get out to see my Mom.  I’m also going to work on trying to get the kittens to trust us.  They run and hide every time they see us… poor little traumatized guys.  I’m going to take away their automatic feeder and feed them at the same time every night so hopefully they’ll start associating me with food.  I hope they get more social… we’re going to have them for years and I really wanted kitties that were part of the family… but we have to meet them where they are.

Sunday Jim leaves for 6 nights in Houston.  It’s the longest trip he’s taken and is the first of at least four this year.  The plus side is it’s extra money for us, extra money is always good.  The bad side is he’ll be gone for six nights.  He’ll hate it, Robert will hate it, I’ll hate it.  But it has to be done.  There is talk once again of expanding the training department and moving him there full time.  He asked me today what is the bottom line number that he has to make so that I can stay home and we’ll still have extra money.  Which doesn’t mean that I won’t ever go back to work but it does open up doors for part time work and still being able to afford child care for Robert.  It could also mean I could solely do freelance and he could go to preschool two or three days a week.

I’ve been studying up a lot on debt retirement and I am working diligently on a plan that we can A) live with and B) have some real success in 24 months (after I get back to work).  We are not in horrible shape, we’re currently making it on one salary but I really want to be debt free and have six months in the bank.  It won’t happen over night but it won’t happen at all if we don’t start taking some steps. 

I’m also trying to get Robert to expand his food repertoire a little more.  He doesn’t eat bad… but nuggets and hot dogs are his main source of protein.  He doesn’t even really like mac n cheese… what kid doesn’t eat mac n cheese??  I also need to start thinking about what I’m going to eat when Jim is out of town.  I’m lazy when it comes to food and where I will fix for Robert I’ll often times not take the time to eat myself.  Jim always fixes dinner so I know I’ll eat at least once a day.  The plus to that right now is I’m losing weight but I can’t go for 6 days.

Well… back to trying to go to sleep… my day goes a lot better if I get some sleep… especially trying to keep up with Robert.


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