Ten on Tuesday


1.  Insomnia has been kicking my tush but yesterday I fell asleep around 3:00pm and didn’t get up until 9am today.  Yeah!!!  Thank goodness for me Jim realizes how tough sleep is for me right now and just let me sleep.  Since we’re down to just the TV in our room until our new lamp for the big screen arrives today he set up a play area on the floor in our room for Robert and even fixed him a picnic dinner.  He’s a good daddy.

2.  Jim leaves Sunday for six nights in Houston.  Neither of us is really looking forward to him being gone that long but it’s his job… and it’s what he really wants to be doing career wise so we will both make it through.  Its’ the first of four trips this year to Houston to do a special commissioned training for one company.  Maybe one time Robert and I will be able to go with him.  I have found a couple of cigar shops and restaurants for him to check out while he’s there.

3.   I had one of my Mom’s favorite photos of my brother scanned and restored at our local camera shop.  They did a great job.  I got a 5X7 that I will frame today and give to my Aunt to take out to Mom on Thursday.  It’s kind of a bummer that I won’t be there to see her open it but I want her to have it as soon as possible since I’ve had the photo since before Christmas and she knows I’m doing it.

4.  Tomorrow we are having a play date with my Aunt.  Trying to decide what we should do.  I’m leaning towards Wonderscope since we’re members, my Aunt really enjoys watching him play there and it doesn’t require me climbing through large inflatable’s.  (Just got a call from my Aunt… she wants to do Little Monkey Bizness & Fritz’s for lunch… guess I’m climbing through inflatable’s)

5.  I talked to my nephew yesterday about maybe being on call to help out with Robert if I have an interview and need a babysitter.  He was pretty open to the idea.  I also pitched him the idea of spending a couple of nights.  I told him I’d let him drive the Explorer to his meetings because I knew he couldn’t miss those.  He said he needed to talk to his Mom and make sure it would be OK with her.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it works out.

6.  Why does if feel like the more I clean the house the dirtier it gets.  I constantly feel like a bomb has gone off… gotta work on organization… gotta work on organization!!!

7.  When Jim gets home I have a ton of things I need to do on the downstairs computer.  For some reason Windows 7 doesn’t work with my good printer’s network interface… it’s super frustrating.

8.  It’s a bummer that Jim won’t be here for the Superbowl.  Always fun to watch the commercials together if the game is a blow out.  Guess Robert and I will have to have our own little party.

9.  Jim has invented a new Mexican egg dish that is rocking my world.  We’re having it for dinner again tonight.

10.  We have a flat screen DLP television in the living room.  We went with it because our living room has a cut out above the fireplace for the TV and this TV only weighs about 65 pounds as opposed to well over 100 for a regular TV.  The only down side is the bulbs burn out every 2-3 years.  Our bulb burned out yesterday… which it’s actually been close to four years so I don’t feel so bad.  Jim called a place locally and they wanted $250 for the bulb.  I got on the internet and found the bulb for $83.  Since I wanted it here NOW I paid the $56 overnight shipping fee… I still saved over $100 from buying it locally.  I would prefer to buy local when I can but when the price difference is over $100 I’m gonna go the internet route… sorry Mr. Local Bulb Shop.  Hopefully the installation goes smoothly and we’re back to having the big screen (not to mention the cable box with DVR for Robert’s favorite shows)


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