A Great Day!

We had a play date scheduled with Aunt Barb for today.  She invited us to go to lunch at Fritz’s and then check out Little Monkey Bizness.  We were pleasantly surprised when we got to their house and found out that Uncle Ward was going to get to go too.

RC Fritzs

Robert loves pointing at all the trains at Fritz’s and watching them deliver his food.  He decided he wanted to sit by Aunt Barb and not me at lunch today.  He ate all of his nuggets and just a few of his fries today… I swear… try to figure out his eating pattern.

On to Little Monkey Bizness.  It’s an indoor playground especially for kids 7 and under.  They had slides and things to climb on and a great art room.  Robert had an absolute blast.  About 1:30pm the place really cleared out and there were only 1 or 2 other families there so we really got to play.  Uncle Ward got inside the climbers and inflatables with Robert and they had so much fun.  We all colored together in the art room.  My aunt and uncle are just head over heels in love with Robert and it’s so much fun to watch them together.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, it is extremely humbling to watch people truly love your child.   He is such a lucky young man.

RC Slide

Uncle Ward & RC 2

RC Crawling

Uncle Ward & RC Slide

Uncle Ward & RC

Uncle Ward Slide


RC Markers

Uncle Ward & RC Touch Screen

RC Easel

RC Easel 2

Afterwards we went back to Aunt Barb & Uncle Ward’s house and had cookies and watched some Nick Jr.  I think Aunt Barb really liked the WonderPets.  I had a meeting tonight so the plan was we’d leave about 4:30om and I’d drop Robert off at Jim’s office.  He really did not want to leave.  When I was strapping him in his car seat he kept saying “I want Aunt Barb”… I thought she was going to cry.  It was such a great day!  And to make the day even better… I got a call this morning and have a phone interview with a company I’ve been applying with since November.  So, tomorrow morning and 9am I’ll put Robert in my room with his big paper, real markers and Nick Jr. while I try to not sound like a blithering idiot since I haven’t been sleeping well.


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