My Sweet Boy

Robert Daddy's Blanket

RC & Neigh Sleeping

RC & Harry 

I’ve been going through my January pictures and found these three that I really like that I hadn’t posted yet.  Robert is super into horses… he loves his stuffed horse Neigh and still rides Harry Horse that he got for his first birthday daily. 

He is such a great kiddo.  I had a phone interview this morning at 9am.  At 8:45 he still was not awake… I didn’t know whether to wake him or let him sleep.  He woke up about 5 til 9 and I gave him his juice, markers and a pad of paper.  I also turned the big TV on Nick Jr.  When my phone rang I went into my room… the interview lasted 50 minutes… I peeked in on him a few times during the interview and he was busy entertaining himself.  When I got done he was on the couch watching TV.  Somehow he knew, Mommy needs to do this, I’ve got what I need, leave her alone for a bit.  I think the phone interview went well… it was long and that’s usually a pretty good sign.  I did find out they are doing phone interviews this week and then will forward finalists to the hiring manager.  She is out of the office next week so the earliest second interviews will be is Feb. 15th.  That actually works better for me since Jim is out of town.  My aunt and uncle are always willing to watch Robert but it’s nice to have multiple options for care for him.

Robert is Mr. Hug these days.  Several times during the day he climbs up in my lap and yells “HUGS!” with his arms outstretched.  He also has a nice little sense of humor and giggles like crazy when I jokingly tell him no about something.  His other big thing is anytime I get up from where I’m sitting he will be in my place when I come back… giggling like crazy. 

I’m working on him using full sentences.  Today he said, “juice mama” and I said, “Can you say, more juice please mama?”  He said, “mama, more juice please”  I took his cup and got up and he slapped my bum and yelled “GO!” and then just crumbled into giggles.  I have to admit it was funny.  I didn’t react openly in any way because I know if he thought he got a rise out of me he’d do it again and again.

I’ve found a couple of crock pot recipes that I’m going to try out while Jim is out of town.  Tomorrow I have to make out a grocery list so we can get to the store on Saturday.

Sunday we are going to take Jim to the airport and then go out to my Mom’s.  I’m hoping that Robert will be less upset that Daddy is leaving if he knows we’re going out there… that’s the plan at least.  Mom got the picture of my brother today and was really pleased with it… that made me very happy.

We will probably have another play date with Aunt Barb and Uncle Ward next week and go to Wonderscope.  I also think we might try to go to Kaliedescope since Robert is so into making things.  I’m trying to plan a few things for the week so that A) we get out of the house and B) it will help the time go by faster if we’re busy and he’s distracted.

I also need to get more productive during my days.  It’s so easy to get into playing with Robert, watching a tv show with him or getting sucked into Facebook… there really hasn’t been a lot of productive stuff going on and that needs to change.

I’m working on a photo book of our 2009 pictures.  It’s layouts of just pictures… no scrapbook layouts, no journaling, just grids of pictures and a lot of full page bleed pictures.  There is a chance that I may be able to make the February 10 Winkflash deadline.  If not I’ll have the files for the next sale.  I think I’m going to do this from now on… two photo books for each year… one of scrapbook layouts and one just of our pictures.  Poor Robert is going to inherit a ton of photo books someday.  Oh yeah… I really ought to do our wedding someday.

I’m also putting together a slide show for Jim to send him Wednesday or Thursday.  Pictures of him and Robert… I just need a song for the soundtrack… if you have any ideas leave me a comment!


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