Super Sunday

Wow… a busy, busy day.  This morning we got up and went to the early service at church.  Robert didn’t do as well this morning as he did last week.  His dad finally had to take him out… we’ll keep working at it.  After church we went to McDonald’s and had a quick breakfast together and then it was off to the airport to drop Jim off.  Robert was NOT happy when Daddy got out of the Jeep and we pulled away.  He did calm down when I told him we were going to Granny’s house.  About 15 minutes into the drive he fell asleep.  I had noticed this morning that his nose was pretty stuffy and when he woke up when we got to Mom’s I noticed that he was just a little “off”.  His mood was all over the place today.  Most of the time he was happy go lucky but when he got upset… he got UPSET.  Even Mom said he wasn’t his normal self.  I’m trying to figure out if it’s Daddy being gone of if it’s the stuffy nose.

He found my Mom’s colander’s and decided that they made fine hats.  He ran all over the house with one on his head.  He even colored for a while wearing one.

RC Collander 2

RC Collander

He also made soup today.  It’s one of his favorite things to do at Granny’s.  He has a spoon and will mix it around in this empty mug on the shelf and then bring it around for you to taste it.  It’s so funny, he looks at you and goes “Soup! MMMMMmmmmm!" as you taste it.

RC Soup

Mom gave him a pair of musical Valentine’s Day socks.  They are adult size but she had found them in her stash of gift stuff and thought since they were musical he would enjoy them.  He did but after about 10 minutes of running around the house with them he insisted he needed to wear them… so I put them on him.  It was a riot.

RC Socks 2

RC Socks

We decided to leave about 3:30 because the snow had started and it seems to get dark so darn early.  I wanted to make sure we had no problems getting home.  Robert did NOT want to leave.  I told him we’d have chicken and fries at home… NO.  I sweetened the pot a little with ice cream for dessert… NO.  Then I said I was leaving and he could come or not… he ran for his coat.  So, Granny beats chicken and fries and ice cream but not Mommy.

He slept most of the way home and for over an hour after we got home.  When he woke up I was going to give him some Benadryl to try to help dry up his nose… he took a small taste and said “NO!”  I told him I needed him to take it  and he said, “But Mommy, I tasted it.”  I finally got some down him.  He ate a good dinner of chicken and fries, and did get his ice cream for dessert.  We watched the Super Bowl (Way to go Saints!) and I downloaded SKYPE so we could talk to Daddy.  We connected with Daddy and after we got a minor microphone issue fixed we had a good time talking to him.  Robert loved it.  At 10pm I said it was time to turn everything off and lay down on the couch.  By 10:15 this is what was on the couch….

RC Asleep

So, we made it through bedtime 1 of 6… here’s hoping the other five go as easy.


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