Ten On Tuesday


Another Tuesday!

1.  Jim has been gone since Sunday and so far, so good.  Sunday we went to my Mom’s to play and the rest of the time so far we’ve been hanging around the house.  Robert has been super good and easily entertained… except he did marker his face yesterday… it is slowly wearing off.

2.  I slipped on the top step from the hallway to the main living area yesterday while on the phone with my aunt… ugh!!!  My feet went out in front of me and I came down flat on my shoulders on one of the steps.  Scared the heck out of my aunt.  Robert was immediately over by me, “You ok mama???”  I am fine, a bit on the sore side but other than that no worse for wear.

3.  Yesterday was a postal gold mine!  My two orders from Winkflash came, photos from Christmas and my photobook.  It looks fantastic and I can’t wait to show it to some people. 

4.  I also got “The Tiny Tawny Kitten”  Golden Book in the mail yesterday.  My aunt remembers reading it to my brother and I.  It’s out of print and most of the copies I’ve found of it run $20-100… yeah, $100 for a Golden Book!  I found one for $5, shipping included, on ebay.  We’re going to wrap it up and give it to Aunt Barb as a Valentine tomorrow.

5.  Since Jim has been out of town we have tried out Skype.  Robert loves talking to Daddy on the computer although I think he’s convinced that Jim is in the computer.

6.  Bedtime is going great for both of us.  Robert had a long nap Sunday and was still asleep by 10:30… I was asleep by 12:30.  Yesterday he crashed at 8:30 and I was out by 1:00… I hope this trend continues for both of us!

7.  Connected with my best friend from first grade on Facebook… insane!

8.  I got a call back on a phone interview I did last week.  I do an in person interview on Monday.  It’s with a company I am dying to go to work for!  I’m so excited I can hardly wait.  Keep your fingers crossed… this may be “the one”!

9.  Tomorrow we are going to Wonderscope with my aunt and uncle.  A little less physically demanding on the adults but still fun for all!

10.  Today we opted for an afternoon bath for Robert.  He loves splashing around in the tub and playing with all his tub toys.  He was starting to be a bit grumpy and the bath perked him right up.  I also got some cute pictures.  When he got out of the tub he said, “By wady (water), by fish, love you too!”  So cute!


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