Today we had another play date with Aunt Barb and Uncle Ward.  I was so excited to give her the book I got off of eBay.  Apparently she used to read it to my brother and I when we were Robert’s age.  Her face was priceless, she could not believe it.  She sent me this thank you tonight:

Dear Robert,
Thank you and your Mommy for the wonderful surprise.
Your Mommy continues to amaze me.
Had a great time today, and look forward to seeing you Monday.  I have been reading my book.
Love you,

That made me feel so good.  She kept saying, “I can’t believe you found this” since it’s been out of print for over 30 years.  I also got to take over the photo book for them to look at.  They really liked it.  We went to lunch at Fritz’s (of course!).  My aunt and uncle really like their burgers and Robert really likes the trains.  I tried the grilled chicken sandwich today and it was really good.

After lunch we went to Wonderscope.  I bought us a family pass last year and paid the extra to have my aunt and uncle added since they live literally blocks away.  They love watching Robert play (and playing along).  He was a wild man in the golf ball room.  Water play is a close second favorite.  He also really got into the grocery store room today too.

RC Golf Ball Room 2

RC Golf Ball Room 3

RC Golf Ball Room 4

RC Golf Ball Room 5

RC Golf Ball Room

RC Water Room

RC Water Room 2

RC & GW Lego Room

RC Lego Room

RC Grocery Room

RC Grocery Room 5

RC Grocery Room 4

RC Grocery Room 3

RC Grocery Room 2

When we got home Robert was tuckered out!  He took a couple of hour nap… I’m hoping that does not make for too long of a night.  Tonight we’re halfway through Jim’s trip… only three more sleeps until he comes home.

RC Crashed Out

My niece is supposed to be bringing her new boyfriend over tomorrow night for dinner so tomorrow I need to do some cleaning and make dinner.

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