My Top Words

Thought this was kind of interesting.  Facebook has an application that will give you the words you use most in your status updates.  Here’s mine:

Susanne Just Discovered The Top Words in Her Status Updates

1):robert – used 212 times

2):home – used 88 times

3):jim – used 78 times

4):ready – used 72 times

5):getting – used 71 times

6):today – used 58 times

7):good – used 57 times

8):off – used 54 times

9):tonight – used 53 times

10):tomorrow – used 51 times

Yep… pretty much sums up my life in the first three words.. Robert, home and Jim.  My life pretty much revolves around those three words right now and that’s a good thing.  I’m happy with my life right now… very content.  This week that I’ve dreaded has gone amazingly smooth.  Robert has been going to sleep at decent times every night and so have I.  Poor Jim isn’t faring so well.  He called today at lunch break and was sooo homesick.  He sounded like a kid calling home from camp.  I assured him it was just two more days and then he’d be home.  He sounded better tonight.

Erika was bringing the boyfriend over tonight for me to meet.  I got the house picked up, made a casserole and a cake for tonight and muffins for tomorrow.  I liked the new boyfriend.  Good sense of humor, conversational, a lot of fun.  He graduates in May.  Is really into cars, wants to be study to be a technician.  It was a fun night.  Of course Robert was THRILLED that Erika was here.  They ran and played.  At one point he was crawling under the dining room table and he just collapsed.  Fell asleep right then and there.  Poor guy was really tuckered out.  I finally dragged him out from under the table and put him in bed.

I talked to my Mom this morning and my Aunt had called her to tell her all about our day yesterday.  She also raved about the book.  Mom said she could tell how thrilled she was.  My Aunt reminded me when I talked to her tonight about “the boyfriend” that I left my Winkflash book there and wouldn’t see her again before Jim got home.  I assured her that he would be fine waiting until Monday to see it.  So funny the things people worry about.

I think tomorrow Robert and I are going to go to Kaleidoscope.  It’s a free art place put on by Hallmark.  They put a lot of their materials that they aren’t using in a room and there are workstations for the kiddos to make their own artistic creations.  At least that’s how I remember it over 30 years ago.  We used to go a lot when I was in preschool.   I also want to walk through the Hallmark Visitor’s Center.  With Hallmark celebrating their 100 year anniversary I’m sure the displays are off the chain.  They also have a cool machine where you press a button and it makes a free mini-bow for you.  Robert will love that.  Crown Center also has a Fairy Tales exhibit right now of scenes that kiddos can climb into from classic fairy tales.  A day for just Robert and I to have some fun together.  And even better… all three are free!!!  Hallmark is such a treasure to Kansas City. 

Tomorrow night we’ll make signs to welcome Daddy home and I’ll get dinner ready to toss in the crock pot before we head to the airport on Saturday.  I hope Texas’ weird weather patterns don’t delay the flight!


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