Itching To Create

I found the Knock Off Wood site a few weeks ago thanks to Heather Ann… oh dangerous!  I am in love with Ana’s designs and have been itching to get to the lumber store.  But we don’t have a nailer… that’s the only thing we don’t have, well and a compressor.  My Mom has an awesome compressor that she has no idea how to turn on but I’m sure she’d crap if I asked to borrow it.  It was Dad’s and it’s there “if she ever needs it”.  So, my first thing when I get a job is going to be to buy us a compressor and nailer.  And the first thing we’re going to build is this absolutely adorable toddler bed.  Then maybe we can get Robert to sleep in it!  After the toddler bed I’m planning on taking the west side wall in his room with the window and building storage cabinets the full wall with a bench under the window.  Something sort of along the lines of this

But I digress… that’s stuff to create in the future (near future – job, clean garage, build furniture).  I want to create some stuff NOW.  One of the things I’ve been looking at are camera strap covers.  I’ve looked and looked online and found some really neat ones but haven’t found THE one in fabric I really love.  I want something with a bright stripe… or Snoopy.  And then I got to thinking wouldn’t it be neat to have a bunch of Snoopy ones made out of the different seasonal Snoopy fabrics they come out with.  But online they are $25-28 apiece… surely I could find a pattern… and I did, here.  And I read the instructions and understood all the steps… isn’t the first step understanding?  So, tomorrow I think we’ll be running to the fabric store.  We have a sewing machine so we’re good there.  I don’t know exactly how to use it but I think I can figure it out with Jim’s help.  And there really isn’t a lot of sewing… and it’s all straight lines… I can do this.  Then I found the pattern for this crayon roll up and I thought Robert would like that.  And it would be a handy thing to know how to make for small gifts for kids friends… so going to get the supplies to do one of those too.

Funny, Jim is finally home and he brought my insomnia back with him… actually I think tonight’s insomnia is the long nap Robert and I took on the couch today.  But I need to get some sleep because there is a lot to do tomorrow.  I have a newsletter for a group to finish up, I have a phone call about my interview Monday with a friend who used to be on the board to ask questions of, we’re serving dinner at Ronald McDonald House tomorrow night so we’ll need to get that together… and we’ll be running to the fabric store 🙂

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