Ten On Tuesday


1.  We spent three hours at the court house/City Hall convincing them that Jim is not the person responsible for the water bill at his parents old house.  It was a bit of a frustrating process.  We talked to the prosecutor before court started and he said we needed to call his office and talk to a paralegal… I did that, she said we had to go to court.  At this hearing all we had the option of was saying guilty or not guilty to get a court date.  So, Jim pled not guilty, got a court date and we went to hunt down the paralegal at City Hall.  When we said why we were there she said, “Oh yeah, I talked to you on the phone”.  We showed her our documentation and she said she’d take our name off the case and we will get a letter in 10 days or so.  If we don’t get said letter we will have to go to court.  She was super nice in person and assured us she would hunt down the brother-in-law and make him pay.  Karma’s a bitch sometimes dude.  Somehow I don’t think this is the last time we’re going to have to fight this fight or another one similar.  The problem is for us we are having to prove Jim innocent instead of innocent until proven guilty. 

2.  My interview yesterday went really well.  I should know at the end of this week if I get a call back.  I will be really surprised if I don’t.  The interview was an hour long and very relaxed, conversational the whole time.  Send me some good thoughts I’m ready to be working again.

3.  My aunt and uncle watched Robert yesterday morning and this afternoon.  I was thinking last night that after I go back to work we will have to make sure they still have their play dates.  It would be nice to drop Robert off there on a Saturday afternoon for a few hours while Jim and I go out to lunch or shopping.

4.  Thursday we’re going out to hang with my Mom.  She hasn’t seen the Winkflash book yet and I’m sure Robert is ready to see Granny.  He will call her on his pretend phone at least three times a day… I’m sure he’s calling to report on my behavior.

5.  We stopped by Old Navy today to get Robert some new jeans… he’s a 4T now!!!  Ugh!!!  I had seen this shirt in the clearance online for $3.99… my uncle is a huge Green Bay fan so I wanted to get it for Robert if they had it.  They did but it was on the clearance rack for $9.99, I told them about it at the register and wound up having to pay the $9.99 but I didn’t want to get home and log on to find out they were sold out (they aren’t)  I have a huge problem with stores that have one price online and one price in the store.  Some stores will honor the online price.  I hope store workers realize that if it’s more in the store people are going to quit coming in and order online.  We spent $62 today so we would have qualified for free shipping… just something for the stores to think about in this economy. 


6.  My insomnia apparently came home with Jim.  Sunday night I could NOT get to sleep to save my life.  Finally fell asleep after 5am and had to be up at 8am for my interview.  Luckily I was able to keep my energy level up for the interview.  Of course, Monday afternoon Robert did not take a nap… ugh. 

7.  I’m reading this right now.  Only a few chapters into it but it’s pretty interesting.  Thinking I might do my own Happiness Project after I finish the book.


8.  I haven’t made it to the fabric store yet.  Need some time to make my list and download some coupons.  Maybe tomorrow.

9.  Loving watching the Olympics when I’m not sleeping.  Snowboard Cross absolutely rocks.  I would so love to do that!  The fact that I can’t snowboard, I’m pretty uncoordinated in my every day life and I’m pretty sure I’d kill myself on the first run is holding me back at this point.

10.  Why doesn’t Facebook have a laundry feature???  Press this button and your laundry will be done while you aimlessly surf the net… I would pay $3.99 a month for that!


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