Kitty Love!!!

I went downstairs to feed the boys (kitties) today and once again Mel was brave enough to show himself, from his perch in the ceiling.  I tried to pet him and he shied away so I backed off.  I stood there talking to him and all of a sudden he laid down and showed me his belly.  I climbed up on the table again to try to touch him and he let me pet him!  Then he let me pick him up.  I carried him upstairs with me and petted him and he was purring like crazy.  He is now very vocal about wanting to be petted… I think he would like it if I would just lay on the bed all day with him.  Tonight he followed me around the house meowing at the top of his little lungs.  Still no sign of Jack. I’m beginning to wonder if he somehow got out of the house.  Doesn’t seem possible but I swear I can’t find that kitty anywhere!  Until he shows himself I’m really enjoying having a kitty that loves to cuddle.


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