Married to a Dead Man

OK… I’m tacky… I’ll admit it.  Our legal woes have taken another turn.  The woman at the city helping us navigate the water bill SNAFU called today to say we are going to have to appear in court.  Skip trace records are showing that Jim, Jr. (my husband) died three years ago, not Jim, Sr… even though the birth and death dates the records are showing are Sr.’s.  So, we need to send her Jim’s birth certificate showing that he is a Jr. and a copy of his driver’s license (photo proof of who he is).  We will go to court in May and they will ask for the claim against us be dismissed and she promised she would have the dismissal papers with her but due to the fact my husband is now dead (on paper) he needs to come prove he isn’t.  So, I had to call Jim and let him know of his new deceased status… he took it pretty well.  What a flippin’ fiasco.  So I figure we have two options… we can laugh or we can cry… and laughing is easier so… some quotes from around our house this evening…

When Jim walked in the door…
Me:  I see dead people…

Me to Jim:  If we have sex is it necrophilia?

Robert asked Jim to get him some juice…
Me:  I’ll get it, Daddy’s dead tired

Me:  You know, technically if I kill you they can’t charge me because you’re already dead

Jim offering to get something Robert wanted so I didn’t have to get up…
”I’ll get it, I don’t want you to think of me as dead weight”

Yesterday we got another collection letter in the mail from a different company.  From what I’ve found out now that they’ve gotten a hit on this name and address they will be coming out of the woodwork.  I’ve learned a whole lot in the past 24 hours about the Fair Credit Reporting Act and how to handle the collection letters as they come in.  I have a feeling we haven’t sent our last certified letter.  This is not a game of innocent until proven guilty… you have to prove your innocence at every turn. 

We’re not sure what bills there were when Jim’s parents died or if Steven even actually filed anything with the courts to settle the estate.  We’ve heard through the grapevine he sold the farm land for a tidy profit and we know from county records he still owns the house here in town and has not paid taxes on it.  We have had no contact with him since the funeral and do not know for sure where he is.

Our strategy right now is to fight this on our own and hold off on getting a lawyer until we absolutely have to.

In happier news… Mel was so wound up last night wanting attention I wound up sleeping on the couch with him.  He’s a real snuggler at heart.  This afternoon he spent a good part of the time being chased by Robert yelling at the top of his lungs, “I catch you!!!”  I’m trying to get Robert to realize if you calm down he will come to you.  When we were sitting quietly on the couch Mel jumped up begging to be petted.  Now it’s time to start an all out search for Jack.

We spent the day out at my Mom’s.  It included wearing colanders as hats, hugs, kisses, tickling, singing, dancing, whistling, drumming and all around entertaining Granny.  Our friend Sherry W. came by too and it was fun catching up with her.   Mom got to see the Winkflash book and loved it.  Sherry now wants me to make one for her three year old granddaughter.  This morning I got Robert really moving by telling him we were going to Granny’s house.  That produces one super cooperative boy around here.  On the way out I asked him a few times where we were going and he would smile and yell, “Granny’s house”.  When we got there I was getting his diaper bag and my purse out and all of a sudden he yelled, “Open the door!!!”  Apparently I was taking too long.

I put Roberts new 4T Green Bay Packers shirt on him this morning and it is none too big… my two year old wears a 4T… ugh!




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