Winter Returns

It’s snowed on and off the past two days.  Yesterday for the longest time there were sheets of the biggest, wettest flakes I’ve seen coming down.  It almost looked like a Slurpee machine dripping down.  Today we’ve had snow/ice and it’s really supposed to come down overnight.  I’m so sick of slick roads, cold weather and no sun!  We did manage to make it out to Target today… because we all know a weekend without Target just isn’t worth living.

This morning Robert went up to Jim and said, “Potty”.  So Jim sat him on the toilet and he peed.  About 15 minutes later he asked again and peed again!  So, we bought pull ups today instead of diapers.  We tried underwear a bit this afternoon.  He made it about an hour before he went to Daddy to report, “I peed”.  I think it’s time to get serious about potty training… and of course Jim leaves town for four days Monday so it’s up to me.

We really don’t have any big plans this week.  I haven’t heard back on my interview last week.  No news is good news for the time being.  I know the weather has wreaked havoc on some of the plans the company I was interviewing with had for this week so maybe it pushed their schedule back.  I’m continuing to think positively.

I’m really wishing I had more would take more time to read lately.  The good books are piling up.  This week I want to finish The Happiness Project.  I also have this book that came in the mail a few weeks ago


I read the first one years ago when it came out and really enjoyed it. 

This sequel to the one I read in December from one of my favorite authors came last week and I’m dying to dive into it…


And I really need to get them finished because this one by Picoult comes out in March and I have it pre-ordered.  Love how she writes from the characters different perspectives.


Perhaps if I could log off of Facebook for five minutes I could get some reading done  🙂

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