Just Another Manic Monday

We got about 5 inches of snow yesterday on top of half an inch of ice.  Several schools were shut down today so I did not leave the house.  Jim left about 10am for four days in Hutchinson.  He made good time and called from the road to report that the roads were clear.  Due to the bad roads my nephew wasn’t able to come over and visit this afternoon or go out to my Mom’s for lunch so that was disappointing.  I think he’s going to try for Wednesday.  I am so sick of cold weather!!!

Before Jim left he ran to QT to get some last minute provisions and brought Robert back a slurpee… which made Daddy leaving a lot easier for the little guy.

RC Slurpee

This little kitty has become permanently attached to me and follows me around the house meowing until I sit down and then takes up residence on my chest.  He has a few bald patches in his fur, I think it was from stress and seems to be growing back in.  We still cannot find his brother and I’m assuming at this point that it found some way to get out of the house.  I can’t believe we lost Jack… which is probably contributing a bit to Mel’s neurosis.  So, we’ll concentrate on making Mel feel at home.  He’s got a sweet little purr and loves to cuddle.  He is getting more used to Robert.  I keep explaining to Robert that Mel is scared and he needs to move slowly around him and talk quietly.  Robert will whisper to me and then take off running after the cat yelling at the top of his lungs, “I CATCH YOU!!!”  It’s quite the sight to behold.


Mel Yawning
(He was telling me to put the camera down and come snuggle with him).

Robert took a long nap this afternoon and would not wake up.  At one point  I actually woke him up, walked him to his bedroom, changed his diaper and his clothes, walked him back to the living room where he promptly climbed up on the couch and went back to sleep.  Apparently he got up at 4:30 this morning.  I’m hoping we can get back on schedule quickly but considering it’s 11:40 and I’m having trouble getting him to lay still is not a good sign. 

Most of my day was spent trying to figure out if I’m going to get a call back on my interview from last week.  Running through scenarios and hypotheses in my mind… it’s enough to make a person crazy.

Now, I need to go check on Mr. Robert and snuggle with this poor kitty before he loses his voice griping at me!


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