Heather Ann had a post a week ago about taking pictures in front of an interesting background.  Of course I procrastinated until the last possible minute.  Finally today I took the background stand out of the closet.  Jim got me this great background stand two years ago for Christmas but I rarely get it out… the good part of this challenge was I remembered where it was and re-discovered how easy it is to set up.  I chose the back of one of the quilts Granny had made for Robert as the backdrop and after I found a few clamps in the garage we went to setting up a little studio in the spare bedroom.  Of course, Robert decided to decorate him a bit with marker so I cleaned him up some.  Sunday I went to charge my Rebel battery and couldn’t find the charger.  I put the battery somewhere “safe” until I find the charger… so now I can’t find the battery… I swear I’ve lost my mind.  But, I was determined to get a picture so I grabbed my point and shoot.  Robert was far more interested in “fixing” the backdrop than standing in front of it… this is actually the best shot I got.

Robert Striped Background

At least it captures the true essence of him right now.

This is what the rest of the afternoon looked like as he fixed the backdrop.



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  1. My kids are obsessed with the backgrounds, too 🙂 What a sweet little guy you have, Susanne!

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