Embracing It

It’s been an emotional day for me.  The uncertain job market… it just got to me this morning… and I was really down.  I called my Mom and ranted for 15 minutes about the bleak outlook of things… I envisioned every worst case scenario there is in the book… and then the phone rang.  A resume I submitted on Wednesday… they want to see me next week.  And I know I don’t have a job yet but I realized there is still hope and as long as there is hope nothing is completely lost.  And in my reflective, contemplative state I realized that it is important to embrace every day… even the ordinary, less than perfect ones.  I have a great gift in time with Robert who is getting more and more communicative every day.  He is SOOOO aware of the world around him.  Today he asked for pudding.  I took him to the fridge to show him we are out (we’re out of apple juice too, I believe I was given a demerit for the lack of necessary supplies).  He then asked for a muffin.  I told him we didn’t have any.  He pointed to the cabinet where sure enough there was muffin mix… so we made mini-blueberry muffins… and he ate six of them!  The boy loves his muffins!

Robert loves his markers these days.  In an attempt to keep him marking on proper surfaces he has a little lap desk and a clip board.  The other day I brought our breakfast in bed tray in from the garage and set it up for him.  He was in love… set himself up a little office in front of his video player and marked for hours.  That lasted three days until he broke the tray… we’ll pick up a hinge this weekend and get that fixed so our little executive can be back in business. 

Desk - 1

Desk - 2

Desk - 3

Desk - 4

Desk - 5

Off to embrace this ordinary, less than perfect day… and maybe even get some vacuuming done.

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