Saturday Happenings

We have been BUSY this morning so now both the boys are napping.  I love it when they are both napping because it gives me time to do those “little things” uninterrupted.  It’s so much faster to pick up the living room floor, clear the dining room table, sort through mail, iron a shirt without a helper or an audience sometimes.  I have been asked to wake Jim up for the KU game at 3 though so I’m having to remember to keep an eye on the clock.

This morning we got up and headed to Barnes and Noble for story time.  It was supposed to be Sandra Boynton’s “One Shoe Blues” but they couldn’t find the book and CD (which was kind of funny) so it was Sock Monkey stories… which Robert was just not super interested in so we left after listening to about half of the first book.  I had Jim drop me off so that I could get a much needed hair cut and they went to Wendy’s to grab some lunch.  The timing worked out perfectly.  I was just getting done with my hair cut when Jim texted to say they were done with lunch.

After that is was on to Target because really, what’s a Saturday without a trip to Target.  While we were there I found this on sale…


Robert has been asking for bubbles a lot lately and we didn’t have any in the house.  I thought this would be fun for him and help cut down on some of the spills.  I can’t wait for him to wake up from his nap and try it out.  Jim asked if I was concerned about him doing it in the house and I’m really not.  Let’s face it we have hardwoods in the bedrooms, kitchen and dining room.  The living room and hallway have carpet but with a toddler, cat and dog we tend to clean the carpets every week to ten days anyways so what’s a little bubble solution.

After Target we headed to Home Depot.  Robert went down to the front door this morning, unlocked the lock and opened it while looking at his Daddy saying, “New trick Daddy”.  Lord help us!  So we got a security bar for the door.  While we were there we found some security hasps for the sliding glass doors.  The locks on them were broken when we bought the house and can’t be replaced.  We hope some day to replace to doors so we had just been using bars in them but Robert tends to find the sticks and parade around the house with them leaving us with the dilemma of 1) the doors are not secure most of the time and 2) Robert is swinging a stick around through the house.  I was thrilled to find the new security hasps so after the basketball game Jim will be securing our fortress.  I’ve never felt unsafe but there is currently a rapist in one of KC’s neighborhoods (not close to here) and it makes you think a little more.  I have no doubt that if someone wants in your house they are going to get in no matter how many locks/doors/security measures you have.  But if I can make it more difficult then I’m going to.

Robert has a toy bin shelf in the living room… it’s just easier since that’s where we spend most of our time.  The top two bins have his play food in them.  Last night I heard him saying “nope… nope… nope” and went to investigate.  He was standing at the shelf, would pick up a piece of plastic food, look at it, say “nope”, toss it over his shoulders and pick up another one.  It was pretty funny.  He did however have to pick it all back up and put it away… he was looking for the spoon we finally figured out.

Robert crashed out at 7pm last night so Jim and I had Wright Family Winter Wii Olympics.  We competed in slalom, snowboarding, ski jump and penguin belly slide.  Sad to say but penguin belly slide was the only event I won in our best two out of three format.  It was a lot of fun even though Jim was cheating by making me laugh so hard I could hardly participate… not that I excel at any of those games.  Afterwards it was nice to snuggle up together on the couch.

Tonight I’m going to a Trivia Challenge night with a friend.  It’s a fundraiser that we are wanting to check out to see if we can replicate it for our Soroptimist Club.  We’re the only two on our team and you can have up to 8 on your team so we will see how we fare.  The good part is Kay is an absolute hoot and so much fun to be with I know I will have a good time.


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