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Hello Sunshine!

I had a FANTASTIC interview today.  It went really, really well.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed and trying not to get too excited but this would be a fantastic opportunity.  My boss would be a man… I haven’t worked for a man boss in YEARS… like close to twenty.  Quite frankly I think sometimes they are easier.  I crafted a very nice thank you letter that outlined my top three goals for the first thirty days and will pop that in the mail first thing in the morning.  I should know something by mid-week next week.

Robert went to Aunt Barb & Uncle Ward’s while I was interviewing.  I got ready to leave and said bye to him, he looked up from what he was doing, waved, said bye and went back to playing.  He could have cared less!  They had so much fun.  They played out in the fenced part of the back yard for the longest time.  When I got back they were out front and he was in their lawn wagon with a pillow and blanket (in 80 degree weather!) and they were just rocking it back and forth for him!  We stayed around and played for a few hours and then went out to dinner.  It was such a fantastic time!

On our way home we stopped off at Target and I found a pair of sandals for Robert for $9!  I’m hoping I can find another pair in his size at another Target tomorrow… always helps to have a spare!

Tomorrow it is just the two of us off to Deanna Rose Farmstead.  It’s opening day at the farm and I can’t wait to see all the new baby goats and watch Robert… he LOVES goats.  Strange little child I have. I’m also really excited to introduce him to Dunkin Donuts Munchkins.  OK… I really don’t care if he likes them or not… I LOVE them and am craving them something fierce!

Jim will be home tomorrow night.  It will be nice to have him back.  The trips are getting easier now that Robert is older and we can SKYPE.  I need to get this little guy to sleep.  It’s after 10, he hasn’t napped today and has to be exhausted but doesn’t want to give in.

Here are some pictures from today. 






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Ten on Tuesday


1.  We met some friends to do shopping and dinner tonight.  We ate at T-Rex cafe… a wee bit overpriced but still a good time.  We will go back when Robert hits the “dinosaur phase” and actually gives a crap about the decor.

2.  It was nice to be able to sit and discuss books, religion, politics, etc. with another adult… I miss getting to see girlfriends and spend time.

3.  I am addicted to Carter’s and Osh Kosh.  We’re building Robert’s summer wardrobe from scratch this year as he was a 2T last year and is a 4T this year.  Between my 20% off coupons, the sales and the “bucks” I earned last shopping trip I got $180 worth the stuff for $56 at Osh Kosh.  Didn’t do quite as well as Osh Kosh but pretty darn close.  We should be pretty much set for summer with the exception of sandals.

4.  I got a call today for an interview tomorrow.  I’m being cautiously optimistic but I need to go back to work… my mind keeps coming up with great “work related” ideas and I need someplace to implement them.

5.  The Farm (Deanna Rose Farmstead) opens on Thursday.  The weather forecast is for 80 degrees… we will be there with bells on and a pocket full of quarters to feed the goats. 

6.  It dawned on me last night that the new Dunkin’ Donuts is by the farm.  We will be going there for Munchkins before we hit the farm.  Dunkin Donuts left the KC area about 30 years ago and are now making a comeback… I love their Munchkins and can’t wait to introduce them to Robert.

7.  Robert was so tired when we got home tonight (we were shopping/eating/walking from 5:00 – 8:30) that I changed his clothes, washed his face and hands all while he was still asleep.  When I finished he flopped over on his pillow and was out cold.  Last night he slept from 9pm until 10am this morning… I’m hoping for something close to that again tonight.

8.  I talked to my Aunt tonight (they are watching Robert tomorrow while I interview) and she said they have new outdoor toys for him.  He is so spoiled!  And so lucky to have them.  And so am I.

9.  I’m 3/4 through “The Help” by Kathryn Stockett.  It’s really, really good.  A lot to think about.

10.  One of my facebook friends posted the other day how she was only going to fill in how many people lived in her house and how the government didn’t need to know what their names and ages are… struck me as odd.  Really, it’s not like you all don’t have social security numbers, birth records, etc.  It’s not exactly like you’re “flying under the radar”.  Not to mention she works for a non-profit that funding decisions on the state and national level can be affected by census numbers.  Is anyone else paranoid about the government knowing where you live and that you have kids?

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Life With Houdini Jr.

Onery Robert

Robert’s latest obsession has been doors and figuring out how to open them… which led us to stepping up the locks in the house.  Everything is nicely secured now with the exception of the sliding glass door to the deck in our bedroom.  We bought two matching locks and one worked fine in the dining room on that door but the wood work is thicker in the bedroom so we had to position it differently.  Unfortunately if you open the door and then close it really quick it will be unlocked. 

Guess who figured that one out this morning.  Yep, mother of the friggin year for me.  I’m sitting in the living room when I hear knocking on the dining room door.  There was Robert in all his two year old glory… a t-shirt, pull up and one sock standing on the patio.  I hustled him inside, explained in a calm rational manner the he was NOT to go outside without Mommy.  Of course, Jim left for the week this morning so I knew I was on my own to figure this one out.  I remembered that our house alarm has a door chime feature so I went down to the keypad to figure out how to turn on the door chime. 

No sooner did I press the button than the keypad announced “Zone Four Sliding Glass Door Open”  I ran upstairs and caught him on the deck.  The minute he saw me he jumped inside, slid the door shut, hopped in the trunk at the end of my bed and shut the lid.  I had to turn away because I was cracking up.  I soon discovered that I can’t hear the door chime in the living room.  Grr.  So I called ADT to see if we could increase the volume.  After thirty minutes we discovered we couldn’t.  But I was on the phone and I think out loud and said “So, I need to find some way to amplify this”, then it struck me… the baby monitor we don’t use anymore.  So, there is now a baby monitor in the laundry room by the keypad and it announced to me quite nicely when a door opens… of course, he didn’t open the door any more today.

The whole experience did remind me that 40 years ago my Mom sent my brother who was about 3 at the time to his room for some infraction.  My dad was working in the back yard and here came Brad, Dad didn’t know he was supposed to be in his room so he didn’t think anything of it.  Mom went looking for Brad and found he had taken the screen out of his window and was playing in the back yard… it’s genetic.

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Sunday we went to the Leawood Eggstravaganza… it was a lot of fun.

Egg Hunt 8

Egg Hunt 9 

Robert was NOT impressed with the Easter Bunny… in fact wanted NOTHING to do with it.

Not the Bunny!

On the other hand… large Doberman pinchers dressed as police men are to be worshipped…. he loved Chopper!


We played on the playground (when he wasn’t following Chopper around) and then it was time to head over to the big field to hunt eggs.  He found a lot of eggs and had a great time.

Egg Hunt 1

Egg Hunt 2

Egg Hunt 3

Egg Hunt 5

Egg Hunt 6

Being goofy on the way home with his basket.

Egg Hunt 10 

He’s decided to advertise that he is single..

Ladies Man

Eight years ago today my Dad passed and I miss him as much now as I did eight years ago.  A lot has changed but not the fact that there is a huge void now.  We were sitting in church this morning when  I turned around to see a dear old friend who lives about an hour away walk in.  He was the pastor of my church growing up and knew my Dad well… it was such a wonderful surprise.

Robert was “busy” during the service.  He knows where the cookies are in the narthex and decided to go help himself… but for the most part he was pretty well behaved.

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Picnic at the Park

I tried to convince Robert all day to go to the park… he kept saying, “Not yet”.  So, when Daddy got home he suggested we grab some burgers and chicken strips and head to the park.  Robert wasn’t interested in eating while we were there so he ate his on the way home.  He had a lot of fun playing

My favorite picture from the night

RC Climbing

RC Climbing 2

RC Sliding 4

RC Sliding 3

RC Sliding 2

RC Sliding


RC Swinging

RC Swinging 3

RC Swinging 2

Daddy even let him try out a big boy swing…

RC Swinging 4

The forecast is rain rain and more rain tomorrow… ugh!  I am so sick of rain and don’t even get me started on snow!  I’m ready for real spring with real spring temperatures!  Due to the forecast we are skipping Pancakes for Penguins at the Zoo.  We’ll do the zoo another day.  Sunday there is a big Easter egg hunt in Leawood so we’re hoping to make that… he has his boots in case it’s muddy… and he is a champion at stomping in puddles.

Texted a lot with my niece tonight.  She had a pregnancy test come back positive.  Only 17 years old… breaks my heart.  She’s scared out of her mind but I assured her we could get through this.  It’s not really a surprise… her mother, her aunt and her cousin on her Mom’s side are all teen mothers… I just hoped she would break the cycle.  I’m not mad at her or upset with her… I just know she has so much potential and a baby makes things that much harder.  The good news is she is smart and she is caring so if she will just believe in herself it will all work out.  All I can do is love her, and I do.

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Keeping Busy

First off a disclaimer… he really does have a bed and he really does sleep in it most of the night (most nights).

Sleeping in Bed

Yesterday we had to get out of the house… HAD to!  So we headed over to Wonderscope.  I was mis-informed that they were having a special bug presentation but it didn’t matter… he doesn’t need  a special presentation to enjoy Wonderscope.  The minute we came to the Golf Ball Room he was all in.  There were three preschool groups there… it was busy!

WS 1

WS 2

WS 4

WS 5

WS 3

Today we went out to spend the afternoon with my Mom.  I look forward to this more and more each time we get to go.  I took his boots with him so he could play outside.  He found the swamped part of the yard and had a fantastic time splashing.  We went from the yard to the bath tub.

GH 3

GH 4

GH 1

GH 2

On the way home from Mom’s we stopped at Target and the Gap outlet and found so many cute things for Robert.  He got a pair of plaid shorts with a matching green shirt, and another matching shirt that is pale yellow with an appliqué Labrador wearing the same shorts, fins and a snorkel.  I also got a shirt that says “Available for Play Dates”

Tonight when I was out doing some shopping for the Easter Bunny… because he got a hot tip on buy one get one free Little Tykes toys I found this awesome keyboard at Toys R Us.  Robert is always pretending to play the piano.  The most recent was in the bathtub today… so I found this one for $20… perfect!  He is absolutely in love with it.  (Oh yeah, the Easter Bunny picked out a lawnmower and golf set).

KB 1

KB 2

KB 3

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Ten on Tuesday

1.  So excited that “The Blind Side” came out on video today.  I watched it today, am making Jim watch it tonight and am getting ready to download the iTunes version to load it on the iTouch… yes, I seriously love this movie.


2.  This weekend was the gala for one of Mom’s charity’s.  We go every year.  This year the weather was atrocious… like last year.  We had an OK time.  Erika watched Robert for the night… he slept from 6:30pm until 9:30pm (we left at 5:15).  He also managed to eat chicken nuggets, a hot dog and ice cream and have two baths.  He was in toddler heaven!

3.  Robert is seriously, seriously in love with our “dirty clothes” trunk.  I thought it would be a nice way to disguise the dirty clothes in our bedroom and be semi-functional as a bench at the end of the bed.  Robert on the other hand thinks it’s great to remove any dirty clothes and lie in while he watches TV.  He will often request that we cover him up.  He actually fell asleep in it the other night.

RC in Trunk

4.  Today Robert climbed up in my lap, laid over, pointed to his cheek and said, “kiss!”.  I obliged and he said “gross” and then giggled so hard he almost fell off the couch… little toad!

5.  The Jayhawks lost Saturday night… ugh!  Totally wrecking my bracket… grrr.

6.  The weather here today was just gorgeous.  We didn’t get out to enjoy it thinking we could go out tomorrow.  Looked at the forecast and it’s rain the rest of the week… ugh!

7.  Saturday there is a fundraiser at the zoo… Pancakes for Penguins… I’m hoping the weather is decent so we can go.  I think Robert would enjoy it.

8.  Waiting for the phone to ring is driving me friggin crazy.

9.  I still haven’t figured out the bobbin problem on the sewing machine.  Maybe this week.

10.  Tomorrow night I need to go find suitable invitations for the shower so that I can get them in the mail.

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