Ten on Tuesday


Wow… Tuesday already… it almost got past me.  So… what 10 things can I come up with this week….

1.  We went out to visit with my Mom today.  I am so lucky to have a great relationship with my Mom.  She is supportive of me (to a fault sometimes… don’t say anything bad about her baby) and has always been in my corner.

2.  Very few things in life make me as happy as watching my Mom play with Robert.  It wasn’t until after I had him that I realized how much she must really love me… I thought I knew but I didn’t.

3.  She must really love him because she did not throw him out of the house lock, stock and barrel when he sprayed an entire 8 ounce bottle  of lavender/vanilla pillow mist in her room.  He and the room both smell REALLY good now.  She opened the windows and I hope it is aired out in time for her to sleep in there tonight.

4.  He loves being at her house too.  When I told him it was time to get ready to go today he responded, “No thank you”.

5.  My niece texted me today at noon to tell me she didn’t have a ride home from school and to see if I could pick her up.  Since she didn’t need a ride until 2:30pm I could… so we picked her (and her best friend) up and took them home on our way home.  When she got out of the Jeep Robert said, “That’s Erika”.  It’s the first time he has said her name… she melted.

6.  It’s the NCAA Big 12 Tournament time.  I have no allegiance to any of the teams.  I married a KU Jayhawk and constantly get grief from my MU Tiger friends for dressing my son in KU gear.  So, tonight I stopped and got him a Tiger shirt for the game tomorrow.  I explained to Jim that Robert was born 10 days early in order to be a solid little Libra and bring balance to our lives (his due date was right on the cusp of being a Scorpio and Jim and I are both Scorpios).  So now he is balancing out our NCAA lives… much to the joy of my MU friends.

7.  Ana at Knock of Wood got a nice little letter from Williams Sonoma complimenting her on her work… LOL… check it out here.

8.  Last night was night number three in a row that Robert slept the whole night in his own bed!!!  YEAH!!!  Maybe we’ve turned the corner on the sleep thing.  Last night he was actually asleep in his bed by 7:30pm.  He did wake up at 10:15pm when he fell out of the bed.  I heard the “thud” and went in to find him sitting up on the floor dazed and confused… but not crying.  We went out the the couch for a few minutes and he went back to sleep… and then back in his bed.

9.  When he’s not sleeping in his real bed he likes to sleep in this bed that he fashioned from a plastic storage box and a king size foam pillow.

Sleep Box 2

10.  A few weeks ago I misplaced the charger and then the battery for my Canon Rebel… so I did a quick search online and found a new charger with TWO batteries and a car charger adapter at Overstock.com… for $15… what a steal!  They came this week and I’m so happy to have my big camera back.


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