We Did It!!!

Jim and I teamed up today to make this tool belt for Robert.  Jim did the sewing and I did the cutting and supervising.  It was a lot of fun to do it together.  We’re still getting the bottom stitch tension settings on the sewing machine figured out but it turned out pretty cute if I do say so myself.

RC Tool Belt

RC Tool Belt 2

Yesterday we went to the Life is Good store for their St. Patrick’s Day festival.  We all got some new shirts and Robert also got a new hat.  They had cookies and balloons.  Robert was on his absolute best behavior with a lot of please and thank you’s.  The owner commented on what a well behaved and mannered little boy he was.  That made me very proud.  He loved the balloon.

Robert Balloon 1

Robert Balloon 2

Afterwards we went to Target… not quite as well behaved there.  He does not want to sit in the cart anymore but would rather push it… and take off running when he gets the chance.

Last night we were all about the Big 12 Championship.  Robert was decked out in his KU gear.

Big 12 Final

Eventually he got bored with the game and headed to our room to hang out with Harley and watch Nick Jr.  He fell asleep in our bed.


This week I’m hoping to work a bit more on learning the sewing machine and make a few more things.  I’m also hoping to have an interview or two.  Another friend who has been out of work as long as I have got a job last week and starts at the end of the month so I’m hoping that I’m next.  Keeping my fingers crossed!


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